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New South Wales

New South Wales Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

D continued

  • Susan Duncan author, activist
  • Matthew Dunn swimmer
  • Patrick Dwyer athlete
  • Greg Dyer cricketer


  • Joel Edgerton actor
  • Nathan Eglington Olympic medalist, field hockey
  • Belinda Emmett actress, singer
  • Kep Enderby politician
  • Nick Enright playwright
  • David Evans RAAF officer


  • Jeff Fatt actor, musician
  • Adam Federici footballer
  • Adrian Feint artist
  • Adam Ferguson photographer
  • William Ferguson Aboriginal leader
  • John Flanagan author
  • John Flaus actor
  • Alison Forman footballer
  • Russell Foskett World War II flying ace
  • Craig Foster footballer
  • John Foster sailor
  • John Foulcher poet, educator
  • Dale Frank artist
  • Donald Friend artist, writer
  • Mark Furze actor, singer


  • Mark Gable musician
  • Louis Gabriel photographer
  • Mark Garner sprinter
  • Nikki Garrett golfer
  • Reg Gasnier rugby league footballer, coach
  • Leo Gately politician
  • Terry Gathercole swimmer
  • Todd Gava footballer
  • Bobby Gibbes World War II fighter ace
  • Katrina Gibbs athlete
  • Paul Gibson politician
  • Tyrone Gilks motorbike rider
  • Peter Goddard Grand Prix motorcycle racer
  • Stan Grant journalist
  • John Green botanist
  • Nick Greiner politician
  • Guy Grundy actor, bodybuilder
  • Harold Frederick Neville Gye illustrator


  • Robert Hagan artist, author, producer
  • Edwin Cuthbert Hall physician, philanthropist
  • Jim Hall boxer
  • Cameron Hammond boxer
  • Joan Hammond operatic soprano, golfer

H continued

  • William Hardwick architect
  • Samantha Harris model
  • Patrick Joseph Hartigan priest, educator, author
  • Nathan Hedge surfer
  • David Heilpern lawyer, author
  • Scott Henry cricketer
  • Norman Hetherington artist, etcher, cartoonist, puppeteer
  • Richard Hillman poet
  • Bill Hirschberg rugby union player
  • Raymond Hogan cricketer
  • Keith Holmes palaeobotanist
  • Lee Hookey rugby league player
  • Rob Horne rugby union player
  • Matt Horsley footballer
  • Ann Howard author, journalist
  • Michael Hudson admiral
  • Coral Hull author, poet, artist, photographer
  • Frank Hurley photographer, adventurer
I - K
  • David Ireland author
  • Tamara Jaber singer, songwriter
  • Bruce Jackson audio engineer
  • Brian James rugby league footballer
  • Phil Jamieson musician
  • Peter Jeffrey RAAF officer
  • Richard Johnson footballer
  • James Johnston singer
  • Brendan Jones radio personality
  • Karise Eden singer, songwriter
  • Jenny Kee fashion designer
  • Annette Kellerman swimmer, vaudeville and film star, writer
  • Ben Kennedy footballer
  • Tania Kernaghan singer
  • Miranda Kerr model
  • Gretel Killeen journalist, author
  • Elwyn King World War I fighter pilot
  • Raymond Kingshott cricketer
  • Dayne Kinnaird motocross rider
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