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New South Wales

New South Wales Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Malcolm Allen swimmer
  • Craig Anderson motocross rider
  • Garry Andrews artist
  • Michelle Andrews Olympic medalist, field hockey
  • Peter Andrews agricultural pioneer
  • Alyson Annan Olympic medalist, field hockey
  • Adam Ashley-Cooper rugby union footballer
  • Albert Aspinall stonemason
  • John Atherton pioneer
  • Ben Austin swimmer
  • Iggy Azalea musician
  • Angie Bainbridge Olympic medalist, freestyle swimmer
  • Glenn A. Baker journalist, commentator, broadcaster
  • Simon Baker actor, director (born in Tasmania)
  • Joanne Banning field hockey player
  • Bessie Bardot author, television presenter
  • Kurt Barnes golfer
  • Robert Bartlett rugby league footballer
  • Jeff Bate politician
  • Barbara Baynton writer
  • Charles Bean barrister, journalist, historian
  • Alan Beaumont Chief Australian Defense Force
  • Lyn Bell freestyle swimmer
  • Jason Belmonte bowler
  • Tabrett Bethell actress
  • Billy Bevan actor
  • Tahir Bilgic comedian, actor (born in Turkey)
  • Paul Bird Paralympic medalist, swimmer
  • Patsy Biscoe singer (born in India)
  • Steve Bisley actor
  • Marilyn Black sprinter
  • Freya Blackwood illustrator, special effects artist (born in Scotland)
  • David Blake World Wars I and II general
  • Torrington Blatchford geologist
  • Helen Blaxland writer
  • Owen Blundell musician
  • Bruce Bolt seismologist
  • Nina Bonner field hockey player
  • Lester Brain aviation pioneer
  • Richard Brancatisano actor, musician
  • Graeme Brewer swimmer
  • William Brill bomber pilot
  • Bob Brown politician
  • Billy Brownless journalist, editor, author
  • Joel Brunker boxer
  • Adrian Buchan professional surfer
  • Robbie Buck radio announcer
  • Nathan Burns footballer
  • Henry Burrell Chief of Naval Staff
  • Douglas Burrows stock broker, philanphropist
  • John Busby surveyor, civil engineer


  • Maureen Caird Olympic medalist, track athlete
  • Dyana Calub swimmer
  • Troy Cassar-Daley musician
  • Jan Chapman producer
  • Alan Cinis actor, politician
  • Peter Clifton director, producer
  • Colin Coates ice speed skater
  • Brent Cockbain rugby union player
  • Jill Ker Conway author
  • Ramone Cooper freestyle skier
  • Thomas Simpson Crawford politician
  • Toni Cronk field hockey player
  • Brett Crosdale cricketer
  • Grace Crowley artist
  • Adam Cullen artist
  • Joseph Cullen politician
  • William Portus Chief Justice
  • Dorothy Cumming actress
  • Andrew Currey javelin thrower
  • Louise Currey athlete
  • William Currey politician
  • Dymphna Cusack author
  • Trent Dalzell actor
  • Lara Davenport Olympic medalist, freestyle swimmer
  • Stephen John Davies hockey player
  • John Devitt Olympic medalist, freestyle swimmer
  • Bruce Devlin golfer
  • Peter Dimond rugby league footballer
  • Joyce Dingwell novelist
  • Barry Divola journalist, columnist, author
  • Robert Dixon surveyor, explorer
  • Bob Dollin politician
  • Jack Donahue bushranger
  • Mark Donaldson first recipient of Victoria Cross for Australia
  • Aaron Downes footballer
  • Ray Duggan international speedway champion
  • Vic Duggan motorcycle speedway racer
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