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Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory History Timeline

1900s continued

  • (1980) Large communications tower (Telstra Tower) opened on Black Mountain, included viewing platforms and revolving restaurant
  • (1980) High Court of Australia opened
  • (1984) Namadgi National Park formally declared
  • (1988) ACT granted full self-government with passage of Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988
  • (1988) New Parliament House officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II
  • (1989) First ACT Legislative Assembly elections held with over 100 candidates
  • (1989) New ACT Legislative Assembly met for first time; Rosemary Follett elected Chief Minister
  • (1989) Chief Minister Rosemary Follett deposed, replaced by Trevor Kaine
  • (1991) Trevor Kaine replaced by Rosemary Follett as Chief Minister
  • (1992) Second elections for Legislative Assembly held, Rosemary Follett remained as Chief Minister
  • (1992) Supreme Court transferred from Commonwealth to Territory administration
  • (1995) Liberal Party won most Legislative Assembly seats; Kate Carnell became Chief Minister
  • (1997) One person killed, nine injured during implosion to bring down Royal Canberra Hospital
  • (2000) Olympic soccer games held at Bruce Stadium in Canberra
  • (2000) Kate Carnell resigned, succeeded by Gary Humphries
  • (2001) Electronic voting system used for first time
  • (2001) Following Legislative Assembly elections, Jon Stanhope became Chief Minister
  • (2001) Bushfires around Canberra on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ravaged the area
  • (2003) Bushfires from New South Wales moved into Canberra's suburbs, four killed, more than 500 building destroyed, state of emergency declared
  • (2004) ACT Parliament first in Australia to introduce a bill of rights to protect freedom of expression, religion, and movement
  • (2004) Jon Stanhope reelected Chief Minister
  • (2006) Major changes to the education system made by Labor government, 23 schools closed
  • (2008) Jon Stanhope reelected Chief Minister
  • (2011) Chief Minister Jon Stanhope resigned, Katy Gallagher elected by Assembly as new Chief Minister
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