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Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory History Timeline

BC - 1800s
  • (21,000 BC) Indigenous Australians settled area
  • (1820s) Australia to be at war with Germany; 3,000 public service families brought to Canberra along with military personnel
  • (1940) In Canberra air disaster, chief military officer and three senior ministers were killed when their plane crashed on approach to Canberra
  • (1943) U.S. Embassy (first embassy built in Canberra) opened
  • (1949) Australian Capital Territory gained seat in the House of Representatives, Member could only vote on matters directly affecting the Territory
  • (1957) National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) established to assume responsibility for planning and development of Canberra including Lake Burley Griffin, Parliament House and towns of Woden Valley, Weston Creek, Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Gungahlin
  • (1960) Australia signed agreement with U.S. allowing them to establish satellite tracking stations in Australian Capital Territory
  • (1964) Lake Burley Griffin completed as centerpiece of Canberra
  • (1964) National Capital Development Commission opened Woden - first of a planned series of new towns
  • (1965) Royal Australian Mint opened
  • (1966) Belconnen opened, second in series of new towns
  • (1971) Flash flood in Canberra killed seven, injured 15, caused over $9 million in damages
  • (1972) Aboriginal Tent Embassy established by indigenous people
  • (1974) Capital Territory allocated two Senate seats
  • (1978) Residents rejected proposal for self-government
  • (1979) Legislative Assembly became House of Assembly

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