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Australian Capital Territory

Map of Australian Capital Territory new south wales new south wales large capital territory map
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People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Adam Agius musician
  • Alan Alder ballet dancer
  • Robert Anderson footballer
  • Bryn Atkinson mountain bike racer
  • Alison Bai tennis player
  • Imogen Bailey actress, singer
  • Neal Bates rally race car driver
  • Stuart Beckingham figure skater
  • Alison Bell actress
  • Andy Bernal footballer
  • Michael Bevan cricketer
  • Stewart Boswell squash player
  • Kris Britt cricketer
  • Joanne Brown softball player
  • Peter Buljan footballer
  • Bob Burton journalist
C - D
  • Ryan Carters cricketer
  • Robert Cattanach footballer
  • Chris Clearihan airplane racing pilot
  • Michael Collins baseball player
  • Lara Cox actress
  • Edward Kendall Crace pastoralist
  • Paul Crake racing cyclist
  • Nic Dalton musician
  • Matt D'Aquino judoka
  • Gemma Dashwood Paralympic medalist, swimmer
  • David Dawson cricketer
  • Steven Deans hockey player
E - G
  • Annabel Ellwood tennis player
  • Mary Finsterer composer
  • Jason Floros cricketer
  • Fred Fowler artist
  • Matt Gafa rugby league footballer
  • Katy Gallagher politician
  • Peta Gallagher field hockey player
  • Jordan Gavin hockey player
  • Allan Hawke diplomat
  • Francis Hegerty rower
  • Patricia Hewitt politician
  • Suzie Higgie musician
  • Holly Hill author
  • Anthony Hill author
  • James Hird footballer
  • Michael Hodge rugby union footballer
  • Natalie Hurst basketball player
I - L
  • Matthew Inabinet sport shooter
  • Sarah Ioannides conductor
  • Jessica Jacobs actress, singer
  • Matthew Kemp footballer
  • Steven Kent baseball player
  • Peter Kimlin rugby union footballer
  • Alison Lacey basketball player
  • Jono Lance rugby union footballer
  • Stephen Larkham rugby union footballer
  • Michael Maguire rugby league footballer
  • Peter Mathews archaeologist, epigrapher
  • Deahnne McIntyre Paralympic medalist, powerlifter
  • Erin McNaught actress
  • Karen Middleton journalist
  • Gail Miller Olympic medalist, water polo player
  • Patrick Mills basketball player
  • Michael Milton Paralympic medalist, skier, cyclist, paratriathlete
  • Michael Monaghan rugby league footballer
  • Lisa Moore musician
N - P
  • Campbell Newman politician
  • Alex O'Loughlin actor
  • Shaun Ontong footballer
  • Kaz Patafta footballer
  • Stevie Plunder musician
  • Katrina Powell Olympic medalist, field hockey player
  • Agni Pratistha actress
  • Susan Pratley netball player
  • Geoff Pryor cartoonist
  • Andy Rakic footballer
  • Stuart Rendell hammer thrower
  • John Rogers cricketer
  • Michael Rogers cyclist
  • Tom Rogic footballer
  • Philip Ruddock politician
  • Steven Rudic boxer
  • Mark Rummukainen ice hockey player
  • Arthur Shakespeare journalist, newspaper editor, founder of Canberra Times (born in NSW)
  • Josip Simunic footballer
  • Grant Smith field hockey player
  • Nathan Smith rugby league footballer
  • Terry Snow entrepreneur, philanthropist
  • Warren Snowdon politician
  • Neil Stephens road bicycle racer
  • Rory Sutherland road bicycle racer
  • Kai Swoboda slalom canoer
T- V
  • Chris Thomson rugby union footballer
  • Sigrid Thornton actress
  • Willie Tonga rugby league footballer
  • Nikolai Topor-Stanley footballer
  • Carl Valeri footballer
  • Henry Vanderglas rugby union player
  • David Vernon writer
  • Michael Vernon consumer activist
W - Z
  • Rory Walton rugby union player
  • Mia Wasikowska actress
  • Thomas Weston horticulturalist
  • Elliot Zwangobani footballer
  • Sarah Young field hockey player

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