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Australia History Timeline

2000s continued

  • (2003) Bushfires raged through New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania; ravaged capital city of Canberra destroyed over 500 homes
  • (2003) Australia headed peacekeeping force in Solomon Islands in attempt to restore order
  • (2004) Bomb exploded outside Australia Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia killed nine
  • (2004) Death of Aboriginal teenager set off race riots in Sydney
  • (2004) Government announced a multi-million dollar cruise missile program
  • (2004) Prime Minister John Howard reelected to fourth term
  • (2005) Bushfires in South Australia killed nine
  • (2005) 150 special forces troops deployed to Afghanistan to counter rebel attacks
  • (2005) 16 people charged with planning terrorist attacks in Melbourne and Sydney
  • (2005) Race riots held in Cronulla, suburb of Sydney
  • (2006) Australian troops deployed to East Timor to help stabilize country
  • (2006) Australia, East Timor signed agreement to divide billions of dollars in expected revenues from oil, gas deposits in Timor Sea
  • (2006) Government slashed economic growth forecasts due to severe droughts which caused slump in farming production
  • (2007) Landslide victory for Opposition Labor Party, Kevin Rudd elected Prime Minister
  • (2007) Australian forces brought home from East Timor
  • (2007) Sydney hosted APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit meeting
  • (2008) Government apologized to indigenous population for past wrongs committed
  • (2008) Policy of holding asylum seekers in detention until visas cleared was abandoned
  • (2008) Quentin Bryce became Australia's first woman governor-general
  • (2009) Bushfires in Victoria killed more than 170 people
  • (2009) Plans to double submarine fleet and the purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters for a military modernization programs were announced
  • (2009) Rallies in protest against violent attacks against Indian students were held
  • (2010) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd resigned; Julia Gillard became prime minister
  • (2011) Queensland experienced severe flooding - most expensive natural disaster in Australia's history
  • (2011) Ash cloud from Chilean volcano grounded air traffic, stranded passengers
  • (2011) Construction and mining grew economy faster than expected in third quarter
  • (2012) Carbon tax penalizing large polluters went into effect
  • (2012) Rising numbers of asylum seekers prompted government to send first group for processing in Nauru; also signed agreement with Papau New Guinea for offshore processing on Manus Island
  • (2013) High winds and record hot temperatures fanned fires in southeast Australia
2000s continued
  • (2013) Police arrested three men in largest-ever seizure of methamphetamine drug hidden in shipment from southern China
  • (2013) Prime Minister Gillard forced into making major cabinet reorganization, supporters of former Prime Minister Rudd were ousted
  • (2013) Adam Scott became first Australian to win Masters Golf Tournament

Australia's Information

Flag of Australia
Land Area 7,682,300 km2
Water Area 58,920 km2
Total Area 7,741,220km2 (#6)
Population 22,992,654 (#56)
Population Density 2.99/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $1,190.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $48,800
Currency Dollar (AUD)
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