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Famous Australians

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

L continued

  • Jessica Origliasso singer, songwriter
  • Lisa Origliasso singer, songwriter
  • Kerry Packer publishing, media tycoon
  • Sir Henry Parkes statesman "father of federation"(born in England)
  • Andrew Barton "Banjo" Patterson poet, author
  • Guy Pearce actor
  • Bruce Petty political satirist, cartoonist
  • Peter Porter poet
  • Mark Philippoussis tennis player
  • Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov physicist, pioneer in lasers, nobel laureate
  • Clifton Pugh artist
R - S
  • Roy Rene comedian, vaudevillian
  • Henry Handel Richardson author
  • Kate Ritchie actress
  • Lionel Rose boxer
  • James William "Bill" Roycroft olympic medalist
  • Geoffrey Rush actor
  • Bartholomew Augustine "B.A." Santamaria activist
  • Fred Schepisi film director, writer
  • Peter Sculthorpe composer
  • Frank Sedgman tennis player
  • Cody Robert Simpson singer
  • Peter Singer philosopher
  • Sir Keith Macpherson Smith aviator
  • Richard "Dick" Smith philanthropist, aviator
  • Sir Ross Macpherson Smith aviator
  • Fiona Stanley epidemiologist
  • Nellie Stewart singer
  • Curtis Stone chef, author, television host
  • Sir Arthur Streeton artist
  • Shirley Strickland olympic medalist, athlete
  • Dame Joan Sutherland opera singer
  • Margaret Sutherland composer
  • Struan Sutherland developer antivenins
T - U
  • Terence Tao mathematician
  • Andrew "Andy" Thomas astronaut
  • Peter Thomson golfer
  • Ian James Thorpe olympic medalist, swimmer
  • Charles William "Bud" Tingwell actor
  • Alan O. Trounson biologist, stem cell scientist
  • Trugernanner "Truganini" last tasmanian aborigine
  • Victor Trumper cricketer
  • Albert Tucker artist
  • Barry Tuckwell musician
  • David Unaipon aboriginal, inventor, writer
  • Keith Urban singer, songwriter (born in New Zealand)
  • Shane Warne cricketer
  • Douglas "Doug" Waterhouse entomologist
  • Peter Weir film director
  • William Charles Wentworth poet, explorer, journalist
  • William Charles Wentworth IV politician
  • Morris West author, playwright
  • Brett Whiteley artist
  • Gough Whitlam former prime minister
  • Edward James "Ted" Whitten football player
  • Frederick "Fred" Williams artist
  • Reginald Murray "R.M." Williams bushman, creator bushwear clothing
  • David Williamson playwright
  • John Williamson singer, songwriter
  • Malcolm Williamson composer
  • Roger Woodward pianist
  • Judith Wright poet, environmentalist, aboriginal land rights campaigner
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Australia's Information

Flag of Australia
Land Area 7,682,300 km2
Water Area 58,920 km2
Total Area 7,741,220km2 (#6)
Population 22,992,654 (#56)
Population Density 2.99/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $1,190.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $48,800
Currency Dollar (AUD)
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