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Montana Map

Long before European explorers traversed the plains and mountains of Montana, over a dozen Native American Indian tribes thrived in the region, including the Arapaho, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Nez Perce, Shoshone and Sioux

I many ways Montana is still untamed, wild and natural. Between its borders lie mountains that don't have names yet, in ranges you've never heard of. Scattered in their valleys you'll find small towns full of friendly locals and colorful history,

Today in this land of abundant natural resources and stunning natural wonders, there remains a healthy respect for the past and a firm commitment to the future, and all with the knowledge that there's plenty of space in Montana to make anyone's dream come true

headstone montanaA gravestone at the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana.
statue montanaA classic statue of a young newspaper boy in Helena.
headstone montanaA gravestone at the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana.
montana mountainA rugged mountain in Montana.
montana state capital building helenaThis is the state capitol building in Helena, the Capital of the U.S. State of Montana. The building was built between 1896 and 1902 with wing-annexes added between 1909 and 1912.
indian art montana
In the early history of North America a dozen Native American Indian tribes thrived in the Montana region, and colorful art that celebrates the history of the Arapaho, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Nez Perce, Shoshone and Sioux is sold throughout the state.
st. mary's lake montana
One of the most photographed landforms in all of Montana is Saint Mary Lake, the second largest lake in Glacier National Park. The lake is 9.9 miles (15.9 km) long and 300 feet (91 m) deep. During the winter months, the lake often is frozen completely over. This great photo is by Ken Thomas.
montana stream
I've driven across large parts of Montana and this stream is so typical; their waters are cold and the scenery is refreshing.
grizzly bears montana
Grizzly Bears are found across parts of Montana including these two in Glacier National Park. They have a massive head with a prominent nose, rounded inconspicuous ears, small eyes, short tail and a large, powerful body. This are considered very dangerous for humans, and best avoided if at all possible.
forest fire lookout montana
With trees as common as air, fire is a real danger in Montana. Helena was not spared and it battled several fires over the years that burned significant parts of the town. The wooden buildings burned easily and readily, and this led to the creation of the early-warning historic fire tower that still stands today above the town. In fire season it was manned 24/7.
mountain goat montana
Mountain goats are commonly seen in the higher elevations of western Montana and throughout much of Glacier National Park. Their bodies are compact and chunky, legs short; horns smooth, sharp, and curved slightly backward.
Helena was inadvertently founded by four men, all from Georgia, and known in the history books as the "Four Georgians." These four men, rather desperate after searching throughout western Montana for gold and finding nothing, stumbled into the area that is now Helena. That night, on July 14th, 1864, the men decided to take one last chance in mining the nearby creek. As luck and fate would have it, the men found gold that evening. They named the stream they found the gold in, appropriately enough, Last Chance Gulch. 

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