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Map of Louisiana
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Louisiana weather is generally pleasant throughout the year with few extremes of heat or cold. Most travelers seem to agree that the optimum times to visit Louisiana are in the spring and fall.

Summers in the

"Pelican State" especially central and south

) are hot and humid with high temperatures in the low 90's. And here, afternoon thunderstorms are common late-spring through early-fall.

Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico are always a threat in the summer months, but there's plenty of advance warning for both residents and visitors.

Winters along the Gulf Coast are generally mild, and sub freezing temperatures rare. Further to the north winter low temperatures do hover near freezing, or slightly below.

Rainfall varies north to south, but the statewide average is near 50 inches per year. Annual amounts exceeding 65 inches are common in the far southeast, while the northwest is much drier.

For an interesting look at historical Louisiana precipitation (

by regions precipitation map!

Current Weather Conditions:

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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

High Temperatures ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 66/18 (Feb) 66/18 (Mar) 69/20 (Apr) 78/25

(May) 84/29 (Jun) 90/32 (Jul) 91/32 (Aug) 92/33

(Sep) 91/32 (Oct) 81/27 (Nov) 74/23 (Dec) 63/17

Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 50/10 (Feb) 52/10 (Mar) 51/10 (Apr) 58/14

(May) 67/19 (Jun) 74/23 (Jul) 76/24 (Aug) 77/25

(Sep) 76/24 (Oct) 63/17 (Nov) 54/12 (Dec) 43/6

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