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Delaware History Timeline

1800s continued
  • (1869) First women's suffrage convention held in Delaware
  • (1870) Delaware legislature voted against 15th Amendment to U. S. Constitution, which gave blacks right to vote
  • (1875) Separate schools and funding for white children, African-American children established
  • (1885) Thomas Bayard appointed Secretary of State
  • (1887) Steel-hulled racing yacht built in Wilmington, The Volunteer, won America's Cup
  • (1889) Punishing of women at whipping post or pillory prohibited by law
  • (1891) Delmar nearly destroyed by fire
  • (1893) Thomas F. Bayard appointed first U. S. Ambassador to Great Britain; in boundary dispute with Maryland, Delaware received land - "the Wedge"
  • (1897) Present state constitution adopted
  • (1901) 13th, 14th, 15th Constitutional Amendments ratified by legislature
  • (1907) State licensed first automobile; Emily Bissell introduced Christmas Seal
  • (1910) Battleship USS Delaware commissioned
  • (1911 - 1924) T. Coleman DuPont built highway running length of state, gave to State of Delaware
  • (1911) Upton Sinclair, ten others arrested for violating Sunday blue law by playing tennis and baseball
  • (1915) Child Labor Law enacted
  • (1917 - 1918) Approximately 10,000 Delawareans served in World War I
  • (1934) U. S. Supreme Court confirmed Delaware's right to control Delaware River
  • (1935) Dr. Wallace Carothers discovered first synthetic fiber at DuPont Experimental Station
  • (1939) DuPont opened nylon plant in Seaford; exhibited nylon stockings at World Fairs in San Francisco, New York
  • (1941 - 1945) Approximately 30,000 Delaware men and women served in World War II
  • (1942) Air bases created at New Castle, Dover
  • (1950) University of Delaware ordered to end segregation by Delaware Court of Chancery
  • (1951) First span of Delaware Bridge opened between Delaware and New Jersey
  • (1963) Delaware General Assembly outlawed racial segregation in public places; President John F. Kennedy opened Delaware Turnpike
  • (1968) Riots broke out in Wilmington after assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.; National Guard occupied city for ten months; second span of Delaware Bridge opened
  • (1969) Legislature passed bill ending discrimination in rental or sale of housing; Richard Petty won first NASCAR-sanctioned race at Dover Downs
  • (1975) Former Negro League baseball player, William "Judy" Johnson became state's first player elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame
  • (1978) Daniel Nathans won Nobel Prize in Medicine for work with molecular hormones; Delaware began busing children from inner-city neighborhoods to Wilmington suburbs, helped establish integrated busing across U.S.
  • (1980) State adopted constitutional limit restricting government spending to 95% of expected revenue
  • (1995) Legislature approved use of slot machines at Dover Downs, Harrington and Delaware Park
  • (1999) Delaware native, Jacqueline Jones, won MacArthur Genius Award
  • (2000) Ruth Ann Minner elected first woman governor of Delaware
  • (2002) Ban on smoking in public places took effect; Delaware suffered from drought
  • (2004) Cyprus-registered tanker spilled 30,000 gallons of crude oil into Delaware River, created 20-mile long slick, killed dozens of birds
  • (2008) Joe Biden elected U.S. Vice President
  • (2009) Blue Cross Blue Shield violated state law by signing contract with company that would deny high-tech imaging tests
  • (2010) Tea Party-backed candidate, Christine O'Donnell, defeated veteran politician Mike Castle for Republican Senate nominee
  • (2011) Police investigated online communications between New York Representative Anthony Weiner and 17-year old Delaware girl
  • (2011) Residents near Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River ordered to evacuate in advance of Hurricane Irene

Delaware Cities, Counties & Area Codes

City County Area Code
Dover Kent 302
Wilmington New Castle 302
Newark New Castle 302
Millsboro Sussex 302
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