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Alaska History Timeline

  • (1900) Capital moved from Sitka to Juneau; White Pass and Yukon Railroad completed
  • (1902) President Theodore Roosevelt established Tongass National Forest
  • (1903) Alaska-Canada border was established
  • (1912) Mt. Katmai exploded, created Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes
  • (1913) First Alaska Territorial Legislature convened; women granted voting rights
  • (1914) Congress authorized construction of Alaska Railroad
  • (1916) First bill for Alaska statehood introduced; Alaskans voted in favor of prohibition
  • (1917) Treadwell Mine caved in
  • (1924) Indians received U. S. citizenship; airmail delivery began
  • (1926) 13-year old Benny Benson won contest for design of Alaska flag
  • (1935) Matanuska Valley Project established; 900 gold mine workers struck for 40 days
  • (1940) Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base established
  • (1942) Japanese invaded Aleutian Islands
  • (1943) American military forces retook Aleutian Islands from Japanese
  • (1948) Alaska Highway opened to civilian traffic
  • (1956) Alaska Constitution adopted
  • (1959) Alaska became 49th state
  • (1964) Good Friday earthquake occurred, property damage over $500 million; town of Valdez completely destroyed
  • (1967) Chena River flooded Fairbanks
  • (1977) Trans-Alaska pipeline completed; first oil arrived in Valdez
  • (1980) Personal income tax repealed; Congress passed Alaska National Interests Land Conservation Act
  • (1982) Time zones changed to include all Alaska
  • (1985) State purchased Alaska Railroad from federal government; oil price decline caused budget problems; Libby Riddles became first woman to win Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
  • (1988) Two whales trapped by ice, rescued near Barrow; Anchorage population reduced by 30,000
  • (1989) Oil tanker, Exxon Valdez, spilled 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound, 1,500 miles of coastline polluted; clean-up took more than three years
  • (1990) Over 800,000 visitors came to Alaska
  • (1992) Alaska Highway celebrated 50th anniversary; Spurr Volanco erupted three times; dumped ashes on Anchorage; Hillary Lindh won Olympic Silver Medal in downhill skiing
  • (1993) Chairman of Alaskan Independence Party, Joe Vogler, mysteriously disappeared
  • (1994) $5 billion verdict in Exxon Valdez case; Tommy Moe won Olympic Gold Medal in downhill ski competition; several Koyukuk River communities washed away by flooding
  • (1996) Fire destroyed homes and property near Big Lake
  • (1997) High winds caused Japanese ship to go aground, spilled 39,000 gallons of fuel
  • (2002) State study showed glaciers melting at higher rate; earthquake damaged highways and rural homes
  • (2004) Federal judge ordered Exxon to pay $6.75 billion for 1989 oil spill
  • (2006) British Petrolum oil spill at Prudhoe leaked 267,000 gallons oil; crew rescued from cargo vessel listing by Aleutian Islands
  • (2008) Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, chose Governor Sarah Palin as VP running mate
  • (2009) Mount Redoubt had series of eruptions, caused limitations of flights to, from Anchorage; Sarah Palin resigned as governor, 18 months before end of term
  • (2010) Teacher out jogging killed by wolves
  • (2011) New leases for oil exploration to be granted in non-protected areas of Alaska
  • (2011) Two Alaskans pleaded guilty to illegally trading walrus tusks with Eskimo hunters

Alaska Cities, Counties & Area Codes

City County Area Code
Akutan Aleutians East 907
Unalaska Aleutians West 907
Anchorage Anchorage 907
Bethel Bethel 907
Naknek Bristol Bay 907
Healy Denali 907
Dillingham Dillingham 907
Fairbanks Fairbanks North Star 907
Haines Haines 907
Hoonah Hoonah Angoon 907
Juneau Juneau 907
Kenai Kenai Peninsula 907
Ketchikan Ketchikan Gateway 907
Kodiak Kodiak Island 907
Iliamna Lake and Peninsula 907
Wasilla Matanuska Susitna 907
Nome Nome 907
Barrow North Slope 907
Kotzebue Northwest Arctic 907
Petersburg Petersburg 907
Craig Prince of Wales Hyder 907
Sitka Sitka 907
Skagway Skagway 907
Delta Junction Southeast Fairbanks 907
Valdez Valdez Cordova 907
Hooper Bay Wade Hampton 907
Wrangell Wrangell 907
Yakutat Yakutat 907
Nenana Yukon Koyukuk 907
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