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Yukon Weather

"The land of the midnight sun", the Yukon, has a subarctic climate.

During the summer months, sunlight is continuous and temperatures are relatively warm. The winter days are very short, with little, if any, sunlight and can be bitterly cold.

Of all the Canadian provinces, the Yukon experiences more extreme temperatures and fluctuations. In the summer, temperatures of 77°F (25°C) or higher are common. In winter the temperature ranges between 39°F and -58°F (4°C and -50°C) in the south and slightly colder farther north.

The winters can be severe. In the community of Grise Ford, the northernmost location, January temperatures average -31°F (-35°C). A combination of low temperatures and strong winds can cause hazardous conditions throughout the entire territory in the winter.

Current Weather Conditions:
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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 30/-30 (Feb) 14/-32 (Mar) 5/-30 (Apr) 36/-14

(May) 34/9 (Jun) 46/32 (Jul) 60/38 (Aug) 56/33

(Sep) 53/16 (Oct) 34/12 (Nov) 12/-18 (Dec) 20/-26


High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 44/-36 (Feb) 26/-16 (Mar) 32/-7 (Apr) 49/12

(May) 52/37 (Jun) 66/44 (Jul) 73/54 (Aug) 66/48

(Sep) 55/32 (Oct) 42/16 (Nov) 32/-4 (Dec) 32/-17

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