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Quebec experiences four distinct seasons, and those differing seasons offer a wide variety of activities and the beauty of nature's scenery.

Spring brings blooming flowers and warmer air, while summers tend to be hot and somewhat humid.

The fall season brings a chill to the air, while winters are cold with low temperatures and lots of snow from November to end of March.

Current Weather Conditions:

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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) -2/-19 (Feb) -1/-19 (Mar) 8/-11 (Apr) 24/6

(May) 39/25 (Jun) 53/35 (Jul) 62/42 (Aug) 60/42

(Sep) 49/35 (Oct) 36/25 (Nov) 24/10 (Dec) 5/-10


High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 22/5 (Feb) 24/8 (Mar) 36/20 (Apr) 51/33

(May) 65/45 (Jun) 74/54 (Jul) 79/60 (Aug) 76/57

(Sep) 68/49 (Oct) 55/38 (Nov) 41/28 (Dec) 27/12

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