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Quebec History Timeline

1800s continued
  • (1867) New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined Ontario and Quebec in the new Dominion of Canada; Honourable Sir Narcisse-Fortunat Belleau appointed first lieutenant-governor; Pierre-Joseph-Oliver Chauveau became first premier
  • (1870) Major forest fire in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region left third of population homeless
  • (1875) New electoral law enforced secret ballot
  • (1885) Canadian Pacific railroad completed (Montreal to Vancouver)
  • (1887) First premiers' conference held in Quebec City
  • (1889) Rockslide in Quebec City killed 45 people
  • (1891) Premier Honore Mercier removed from office after being accused of corruption (cleared of all charges the following year)
  • (1893-1895) Albert Peter Low explored Quebec-Labrador peninsula
  • (1898) Quebec boundary extension act expanded provincial boundaries - included land of the aboriginal Cree
  • (1900) Academie de musique de Quebec theatre destroyed by fire
  • (1907) Part of the Quebec bridge collapsed, killed 75 workmen
  • (1912) Quebec Boundaries Extension Act passed, northern boundary extended from Quebec to Hudson Strait
  • (1917) Government enforced conscription, rioting occurred
  • (1918) Women won right to vote in Canadian federal elections
  • (1921) Ku Klux Klan established in Montreal
  • (1922) Joseph-Armand Bombardier engineered first prototype of snowmobile; CKAC Radio begain broadcasting (first radio station in Quebec)
  • (1931) Statute of Westminster provided all existing dominions of British Empire were fully independent of United Kingdom
  • (1936) Canadian government began printing bilingual currency
  • (1939) Canada began participation in World War II
  • (1940) Quebec women received right to vote and run for office in provincial elections
  • (1944) W.L. Mackenzie, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met for a World War II conference in Quebec City
  • (1949) Joseph-Albert Guay responsible for in-flight bombing killing all aboard (one of first in-flight airplane bombings in history); asbestos strikes occurred in town of Asbestos and Thetford Mines
  • (1954) Separate provincial income tax introduced
  • (1955) Richard Riot - Fans protested suspension of Montreal hockey player, Maurice Richard; riots occurred
  • (1961) Claire Kirkland-Casgrain became first woman member of Legislative Assembly and cabinet member
  • (1963) Voting age lowered from 21 to 18 years
  • (1969) Bill 63 allowed parents freedom to choose their children's language of instruction; baseball franchise, Montreal Expos, began playing; FLQ (Front de Liberation du Quebec) bombed Montreal Stock Exchange; Montreal's police, firefighters staged wildcat strike
  • (1970) British Trade Commissioner, James Cross, abducted by Front de liberation du Quebec, martial law declared, civil rights suspended; Quebec joined the federal medicare system
  • (1971) The first CANDU reactor began operation at Gentilly; landslide at Saquenay destroyed 40 houses and killed 31 people
  • (1972) 200,000 public service workers struck, largest strike in Canadian history
  • (1976) Montreal hosted Summer Olympics
  • (1977) Bill 101 (Charter of the French Language) became law, defined French as the language of majority of population, only official language of Quebec; English speaking workers, businessmen left province
  • (1980) Quebec-Newfoundland government signed Churchill Falls hydro agreement
  • (1981) French-only sign law passed
  • (1984) National Assembly shooting spree killed 3 and injured 13 people
  • (1987) Quebec City first city in North America awarded World Heritage status
  • (1988) Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement negotiated
  • (1989) Geomagnetic storm caused province-wide blackout, lasted 9 hours, affected New York City; Ecole Polytechnique Massacre occurred - Marc Lepine shot 28 people, killed himself
  • (1990) Oka Crisis - land dispute between Mohawk Nation and town of Oka
  • (1992) Superior Court gave paralyzed Nancy B. right to disconnect from a respirator, resulted in her death
  • (1993) North American Free Trade Agreement goes into effect
  • (1994) Civil Code of Quebec replaced Civil Code of Lower Canada
  • (1996) 2,000 people rioted in Quebec City after rock concert; severe flooding in Saguenay Region devastated area, one of Canada's costliest natural disasters
  • (1998) Ice storm struck Montreal, southwestern Quebec, destroyed power lines and pylons, "triangle of darkness" left area south of Montreal without power for three weeks
  • (2001) Quebec City hosted Summit of the Americas
  • (2002) Child prostitution bust in Quebec City, many well-known people arrested
  • (2004) First same-sex marriage celebrated
  • (2005) 80,000 college students protested a cut to bursary funds by the government
  • (2006) Writer Jean-Paul Desbiens died, his book opened the door to the Quiet Revolution
  • (2007) 400th anniversary celebrated
  • (2008) French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, withdrew support of the Quebec sovereignty movement
  • (2009) Immigration amendment passed to give priority to applications of candidates whose occupational profile satisfies the needs of the Quebec labor market
  • (2010) Family of four swept away in landslide while in their home
  • (2011) Census figures showed population is decreasing with residents moving to other provinces
  • (2011) Over 3,000 homes were flooded by overflow from Richelieu River, worst flooding in 150 years
  • (2012) Immigration officials announced they are expecting a record number of immigrants this year - in excess of 50,000
  • (2012) Tens of thousands of college students went on strike to protest plans by government to raise tuition