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Ontario Weather

The far-southern regions of Ontario experience pleasant spring weather, warm and humid summers, crisp fall conditions and cold winters; abundant snow along the Great Lakes is commonplace.

Generally the central regions (Thunder Bay across to North Bay) have longer and somewhat colder winters with copious amounts of snowfall. Summers can be pleasant, and on occasion, quite warm.

The northern reaches of the province (to the north of Lake Nipigon) are in a subarctic climate. Long cold winters and short, cool to warm summers are the norm. Arctic air masses here regularly produce low winter temperatures of near -40.0 °F, and snowfall remains on the ground for much of the year, especially in the Hudson Bay area.

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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 29/18 (Feb) 30/19 (Mar) 38/27 (Apr) 50/36

(May) 61/46 (Jun) 71/55 (Jul) 77/61 (Aug) 76/62

(Sep) 68/55 (Oct) 56/44 (Nov) 45/35 (Dec) 35/24


High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 16/-6 (Feb) 21/-3 (Mar) 32/11 (Apr) 48/26

(May) 60/36 (Jun) 69/45 (Jul) 76/52 (Aug) 73/50

(Sep) 63/41 (Oct) 51/32 (Nov) 36/19 (Dec) 21/2

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