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Ontario Famous

People listed are almost always native to the province. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a province for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the province in their personal endeavors.


  • Lester B. Pearson statesman, diplomat, nobel laureate
  • Neil Peart musician
  • Francis Pegahmagabow First Nations soldier, sniper, marksman, scout
  • Matthew Perry actor (born in U.S.)
  • Russell Peters comedian
  • Mary Pickford actress, co-founder united artist
  • Cara Pifko actress
  • Christopher Plummer actor
  • Sarah Polley actress, director, screenwriter
  • Paul Popowich actor
Q - R
  • Paul Quarrington playwright, screenwriter, author
  • Keanu Reeves actor (born in Lebanon)
  • Ivan Reitman film producer, director
  • Gloria Reuben actress
  • John D. Roberts television journalist
  • Stanley "Stan" Rogers musician, songwriter
  • Roots Canada Ltd. "Roots" apparel retailer
  • Tony Rosato actor (born in Italy)
  • Andrea Roth actress
  • Rush music group
  • Thomas F. Ryan creator five-pin bowling
  • Morley Safer reporter, correspondent
  • John Ralston Saul author, essayist
  • Kyle Schmid actor
  • Kim Schraner actress
  • Barbara Ann Scott figure skater, Olympic medalist
  • Corey Sevier actor
  • Paul Shaffer actor, comedian, musician
  • Brendan Shanahan hockey player
  • Helen Shaver actress
  • Donald Shebib director, producer
  • Martin Short actor, comedian
  • Frank Shuster comedian
  • Joseph "Joe" Shuster cartoonist, co-creator superman
  • Jay Silverheels actor
  • Steve Smith comedy writer, actor
  • Jessica Steen actress
  • Steppenwolf music group
  • Nicole Stoffman actress, singer
  • Elvis Stojko figure skater
  • Dr. Emily Stowe first female doctor in Canada, activist
  • Patricia "Trish" Stratus wrestler, television host
  • Tara Strong actress
T - V
  • Alan Thicke actor
  • David "Dave" Thomas comedian, actor
  • Scott Thompson actor
  • Paul Tracy race car driver
  • Alex Trebek television, game show host
  • Shania Twain singer, songwriter
  • Billy Van actor, comedian
W - Z
  • Zack Ward actor
  • Jack "J.L." Warner co-founder Warner bros. studio
  • Estella Warren actress
  • Albert "Al" Waxman actor, director
  • Johnny Wayne comedian, comedy writer
  • Harland Williams actor
  • Michael Wincott actor
  • Gordon Michael Woolvett actor
  • Michelle Wright singer
  • Richard Yearwood director, producer, voice-over artist
  • Neil Young singer, songwriter
  • Gema Zamprogna actress
  • Kevin Zegers actor

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This page was last updated on July 14, 2016.