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Ontario Famous

People listed are almost always native to the province. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a province for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the province in their personal endeavors.

  • Paul Haggis screenwriter, producer, director
  • Corey Ian Haim actor
  • Shalom Harlow model, actress
  • Stephen Harper prime minister
  • Lawren Stewart Harris artist
  • Donald H. Harron comedian, actor
  • Evelyn Hart ballerina
  • Phil Hartman actor, comedian
  • Jeff Healey musician
  • Torri Higginson actress
  • Tamara Hope actress
  • Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton hockey player, co-founder Tim Hortons restaurant
  • Kenneth "Kenny" Hotz director, producer, actor
  • Brett Hull hockey player
  • Robert "Bobby" Hull hockey player
  • Walter Huston actor
  • William Hutt actor
I - K
  • Michael Ironside actor, producer, screenwriter
  • Michael Jackson actor
  • Louis "Lou" Jacobi actor
  • Ferguson Jenkins baseball player
  • Peter Jennings journalist, news anchor
  • Norman Jewison director, producer, actor
  • Lynn Johnston cartoonist
  • Karen Kain ballerina
  • Alexander "Alex" Karzis actor
  • Mia Kirshner actress
  • Bruce Kuwabara architect
  • Nick Kypreos hockey player, television host
  • Maurice LaMarche actor, comedian
  • Michelle Latimer actress
  • Avril Lavigne singer, songwriter
  • Stephen Butler Leacock economist, author
  • Geddy Lee musician
  • Anthony Lemke actor
  • Eugene Levy actor, director, producer
  • Gordon Lightfoot singer, songwriter
  • Eric Lindros hockey player
  • Rich Little actor, impressionist
  • Gene Lockhart actor, playwright
  • Alberto "Guy" Lombardo bandleader, musician
  • John M. Lyle architect (born in Ireland)


  • Sit John A. Macdonald first prime minister of Canada(born in Scotland)
  • Howard "Howie" Mandell II comedian, actor
  • Elizabeth Ann Manley figure skater
  • Jan Manuel fashion photographer, make-up artist
  • Amanda Marshall singer
  • Raymond Massey actor
  • Paswuale "Pat" Mastroianni actor
  • Lois Maxwell actress
  • Rachel McAdams actress
  • Eric McCormack actor
  • John Alexander McCrae poet, physician, author
  • Dean McDermott actor
  • Melissa McIntyre actress
  • Patrick McKenna actor
  • Mark McKinney actor, comedian
  • Lorne Michaels producer, writer, comedian, creator Saturday Night Live
  • Joseph Kim Mitchell musician
  • Frederick "Rick" Moranis actor, comedian
  • Alanis Morissette singer, songwriter
  • Farley Mowat author, conservationist
  • Michael "Mike" Myers actor
  • Alannah Myles singer, songwriter
N - O
  • James A. Naismith coach, inventor of basketball
  • Kate Nelligan actress
  • Spencer "Spenny" Nolan writer, director, producer
  • Sandra Oh actress
  • Catherine O'Hara actress
  • Sidney Olcott producer, director, screenwriter
  • Brian Orser figure skater, Olympic medalist

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