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Nunavut Famous

People listed are almost always native to the province. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a province for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the province in their personal endeavors.


  • Eva Aariak politician
  • Susan Aglukark inuk musician (born in Manitoba)
  • Olayuk Akesuk politician
  • David Alagalak politician
  • Madeleine Allakariallak throat singer
  • Stephen Angulalik fur trader, trading post operator
  • Goo "Mosa" Arlooktoo politician
  • Joe Arlooktoo artist
  • James Arreak politician
  • Pitseolak Ashoona artist
G - K
  • Tanya "Tagaq" Gillis throat singer
  • Ann Meekitjuk Hanson politician, author
  • Lucie Idlout singer
  • Osuitok Ipeelee sculptor
  • Alootook Ipellie illustrator, author
  • Simeonie Keenainak accordionist
  • Ashevak Kenojauk inuit artist
  • Kiviaq lawyer, politician
  • Zacharias Kunuk film producer, director
  • Michael Kusugak storyteller, author
M - O
  • Billy Merkosak artist
  • Nakasuk founder iqaluit
  • Paul Okalik first premier of nunavut
  • Jessie Oonark artist
  • Stephen Osborne author
P - S
  • Charlie Panigoniak singer, songwriter, musician
  • Annabella Piugattuk actress
  • Annie Pootoogook artist
  • Pudlo Pudlat artist
  • Andrew Qappik graphic artist
  • Pauta Saila artist
T - W
  • Ningeokuluk Teevee author, artist
  • Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq artist
  • Simon Tookoome artist
  • Jordin Tootoo hockey player (born in Manitoba)
  • Natar Ungalaaq filmmaker, actor
  • Sheila Watt-Cloutier inuit activist
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