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New Brunswick

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People listed are almost always native to the province. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a province for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the province in their personal endeavors.

A - C

  • Joseph M. Augustine native leader, historian
  • Julia Catherine Beckwith author
  • Richard Bedford Bennett politician, philanthropist
  • Andrew Blair politician
  • Winnifred Blair first miss canada
  • Miller Brittain artist
  • Edith Butler singer, songwriter
  • Dalton Camp journalist, political strategist
  • William "Bliss" Carman poet
  • Hermenegilde Chiasson poet, playwright
  • Nathan Cummings founder consolidated foods (sara lee)
D - H
  • Samuel "Sam" De Grasse actor
  • Gordon "Gordie" Drillon hockey player
  • Yvon Durelle boxing champion
  • Sarah Emma Edmonds union army spy
  • Muriel McQueen Fergusson first woman speaker of the canadian senate
  • Gilbert Finn politician
  • Gilbert Ganong co-founder ganong bros. chocolate
  • James H. Ganong co-founder ganong bros. chocolate
  • Charles Gorman speed skater
  • Shawn Graham former premier
  • Phyllis Grant artist
  • Julia Catherine Hart author
  • Richard Hatfield politician
  • Sir John Douglas Hazen politician
  • Jack Humphrey artist
  • John Peters Humphrey jurist, human rights advocate
I - L
  • Kenneth Cohn Irving industrialist
  • George Edwin King jurist, politician
  • Pierre-Amand Landry lawyer, jurist
  • Andrew Bonar Law statesman, british prime minister
  • Arthur LeBlanc violinist, composer
  • Romeo LeBlanc politician, statesman
  • Antonine Maillet author, playwright
  • Anna Malenfant opera singer, composer, teacher
  • Louis B. Mayer producer, co-founder Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (born in Russia)
  • Harrison McCain co-founder mccain foods
  • Wallace McCain co-founder mccain foods
  • Francis "Frank" McKenna politician, diplomat
  • Donald "Don" Messer musician
  • Peter Mitchell politician, a father of the Confederation

N - R

  • Graydon Nicholas politician
  • Paris Crew champion sport rower
  • Walter Pidgeon actor
  • Pascal Poirier author, politician
  • Ivan Rand lawyer, jurist, academic
  • Father Marcel-Francois Richard priest
  • David Adams Richards author, screenwriter, poet
  • Gary Rideout tenor
  • Sir Charles G. D. Roberts father of canadian poetry
  • Brenta Robertson politician, first woman elected to canadian legislative assembly
  • Louis Robichaud politician
  • Daniel "Dan" Ross author
S - W
  • Brett Somers actress, singer
  • Donald Sutherland actor
  • Samuel Leonard Tilley politician, one of the fathers of the canadian confederation
  • Kenneth "Ken" Tobias singer, songwriter
  • Stuart Trueman editor, historian, humorist
  • Ron Turcotte thoroughbred race horse jockey
  • Wallace Rupert Turnbull engineer, inventor
  • Peter Veniot newspaper owner, politician
  • Joseph "Roch" Voisine singer, songwriter
  • Lyman Ward actor
  • Dr. John Clarence Webster physician, historian
  • Robb Wells actor, screenwriter
  • Lemuel Allan Wilmot politician, jurist

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