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British Columbia

British Columbia Weather

British Columbia's climate is influenced by the Pacific Ocean, the mountain ranges and its latitude. Due to the diversity in the topography, there are wide variations in rainfall, snowfall, sunshine hours and temperatures.

Generally, temperatures are warmer in the south and rainfall is heaviest along the coast.

The interior, during the winter months of November to March, experiences freezing temperatures and snow. Winters on the coast are temperate with little snow.

Summers are warm on the coast and hot in the interior, especially in the south.

Current Weather Conditions:

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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 18/-38 (Feb) 17/-14 (Mar) 29/-16 (Apr) 51/24

(May) 56/30 (Jun) 64/48 (Jul) 74/52 (Aug) 70/50

(Sep) 64/34 (Oct) 39/16 (Nov) 27/-6 (Dec) 24/-36


High / Low Temperatures ( Fahrenheit )

(Jan) 42/28 (Feb) 48/31 (Mar) 50/29 (Apr) 58/38

(May) 66/26 (Jun) 68/58 (Jul) 83/54 (Aug) 70/58

(Sep) 66/49 (Oct) 58/42 (Nov) 50/37 (Dec) 46/26

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