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Mexico History Timeline

Mexico's Information

Flag of Mexico
Land Area 1,943,945 km2
Water Area 20,430 km2
Total Area 1,964,375km2 (#13)
Population 123,166,749 (#11)
Population Density 63.36/km2
Government Type Federal Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $2,310.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $18,900
Currency Peso (MXN)
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About Mexico

1900's continued
  • (1994) Ernesto Zedillo elected president; Mexico peso plunged in international markets, caused banking crisis
  • (1996) Popular Revolutionary Army attacked government troops
  • (1997) Paramilitary gunmen killed 45 Indians in Chiapas village; caused international outcry
  • (2000) Vincente Fox elected president
  • (2001) Zapatista guerrillas staged march from Chiapas to Mexico City to highlight demands
  • (2002) Millions of secret security files released regarding torture, murder of hundreds of political activists by security forces in 1960s, 1970s; three army officers charged with killings of 134 leftists in 1970s
  • (2005) Six prison officials murdered due to tension between authorities, drug gangs
  • (2006) Post of federal special prosecutor created to handle violent crime against women; 65 coal miners killed in explosion at mine in Coahuila; Felipe Calderon won presidental election; U.S. President George W. Bush signed legislation to build fence along US - Mexico border to curb illegal immigration
  • (2007) Rains caused heavy flooding of state of Tabasco, nearly 500,000 homeless
  • (2008) Drug-related killings soared, more than 4,000 killed in 18 months including 450 police, soldiers and prosecutors
  • (2009) Mexican government unveiled package of emergency measures to protect economy against US economic downturn; over 1,000 killed in drug-related violence first six weeks of 2009; Army troops entered Ciudad Juarez due to warfare between rival drug gangs; Arturo Beltran Leyva, one of Mexico's most-wanted drug lords, killed; drug-related killings in 2009 topped 6,500
  • (2010) Three people connected to US consulate in Ciudad Juarez killed in drug-related controversies; U.S. President Barack Obama signed bill to put more agents, equipment on border to stop flow of illegal immigrants

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Mexico Trivia

What Kind of Government Does Mexico Have?

Mexico is a federal presidential representative democratic republic where the president is the head of state and the head of government.

What Type Of Government Does Mexico Have?

What Languages Are Spoken in Mexico?

A large number of languages are spoken in the ethnically diverse country of Mexico, with Spanish being the most popular one.

What Languages Are Spoken In Mexico?

What is the Most Popular Religion in Mexico?

Roman Catholicism is the most popular religion in Mexico, accounting for more than 90% of the population. Other types of Christianity make up around 6.6% of the country's total population.

Religious Beliefs In Mexico

What is the Richest State in Mexico?

The state of Nuevo León has a gross domestic product per capita (PPP) of $27,000, making it the richest state in Mexico.

The 10 Richest States In Mexico

What is the Biggest City in Mexico?

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and by far the most populated city in the country. It has around 8.5 million residents.

The Biggest Cities In Mexico

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Mexico?

Mexican Mestizo is the largest ethnic group in Mexico, accounting for around 62% of the national population. Mestizo Mexicans are people of blended descent. Their origin is principally the intermarriage between the indigenous people of Mexico and Europeans, furthermore, to a lesser degree, Africans and Asians. Mestizo culture is diverse, and incorporates some cultural elements of African, Asian, Mexican and European culture.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Mexico

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