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Mexico History Timeline

Mexico's Information

Flag of Mexico
Land Area 1,943,945 km2
Water Area 20,430 km2
Total Area 1,964,375km2 (#13)
Population 123,166,749 (#11)
Population Density 63.36/km2
Government Type Federal Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $2,310.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $18,900
Currency Peso (MXN)
More Information Mexico
Largest Cities

About Mexico

1800's continued
  • (1857) Santa Anna exiled, Juan Alvarez assumed power, established reforms, new constitution
  • (1858 - 1861) Civil War
  • (1861) War ended, Benito Juarez became president, suspended all debt payments to foreign governments; Napolean III sent troops, forced Juarez to flee
  • (1867) France withdrew troops from Mexico, Juarez reinstated as president
  • (1872) Juarez died of heart attack, Porfirio Díaz became his successor; commercial, economic development favored upper classes, not the poor
  • (1910) Mexican Revolution began; Francisco Madero became president
  • (1913) Madero overthrown, murdered; General Victoriano Huerto declared himself dictator
  • (1914) Huerto forced to resign; Venustiano Carranza took control; USA seized Vera Cruz
  • (1916) USA forces entered Mexico in search of Francisco "Pancho" Villa
  • (1917) New consititution established; Alvaro Obregon elected president
  • (1929) National Revolutionary Party established
  • (1934) President Lazaro Cardenas began nationalization of oil, established land reforms, industrial expansion
  • (1942) Mexico declared war on Japan, Germany
  • (1946) Miguel Aleman elected first civilian president since 1911
  • (1968) Mexico City hosted Olympic Games; student demonstration resulted in hundreds of protestors wounded, over 100 killed
  • (1976) Huge oil reserves discovered in Bay of Campeche
  • (1985) Earthquake in Mexico City killed nearly 10,000; caused heavy damages
  • (1992) Mexico joined USA, Canada in signing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

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Mexico Trivia

What is the Richest State in Mexico?

The state of Nuevo León has a gross domestic product per capita (PPP) of $27,000, making it the richest state in Mexico.

The 10 Richest States In Mexico

What Kind of Government Does Mexico Have?

Mexico is a federal presidential representative democratic republic where the president is the head of state and the head of government.

What Type Of Government Does Mexico Have?

What is the Biggest City in Mexico?

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and by far the most populated city in the country. It has around 8.5 million residents.

The Biggest Cities In Mexico

What Continent is Mexico In?

Mexico is located in the southern portion of North America.

What Continent Is Mexico In?

What is the Most Popular Religion in Mexico?

Roman Catholicism is the most popular religion in Mexico, accounting for more than 90% of the population. Other types of Christianity make up around 6.6% of the country's total population.

Religious Beliefs In Mexico

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Mexico?

Mexican Mestizo is the largest ethnic group in Mexico, accounting for around 62% of the national population. Mestizo Mexicans are people of blended descent. Their origin is principally the intermarriage between the indigenous people of Mexico and Europeans, furthermore, to a lesser degree, Africans and Asians. Mestizo culture is diverse, and incorporates some cultural elements of African, Asian, Mexican and European culture.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Mexico

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