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Travel to Greenland

Greenland's Information

Flag of Greenland
Land Area 2,166,086 km2
Total Area 2,166,086km2
Population 57,728 (#204)
Population Density 0.03/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament Of Greenland); Part Of The Kingdom Of Denmark
GDP (PPP) $2.17 Billion
GDP Per Capita $37,600
Currency Krone (DKK)
Greenland, simply stated, is a world of breathtaking beauty on top of our planet. It's a pricey destination with few roads and unpredictable weather, and yet, for some, it's a well-worth-it journey into magnificent geology, spectacular scenery and unlimited challenges and spaces.

For outdoor adventure types, Greenland offers many opportunities for anglers, bird watchers, hikers, mountain climbers and skiers. In addition, dramatic glaciers are easily discovered and winter sports can be enjoyed all year round.

The kayak was originally developed in Greenland, and today kayaking here is a popular activity, as the fjords, straits and archipelagos are ideal for exploration.

Across most of Greenland the animals of the Arctic are easily photographed, as polar bears, reindeer, seals, walruses, and whales are commonly seen, especially when traveling by boat.

Northern lights appear all year round in Greenland, but they are best observed near or above the Arctic Circle, and they can only be observed against a clear, dark night sky.


  • Dialing Code: 299
  • Electricity: 230 Volts at 50 Hz
  • Times to Travel: Spring is a good time of the year to visit Greenland when the winters are about to end and there is enough snow for dog sledding and skiing. Summers (June, July and August) are however the peak season for touring the country. As for winters in Greenland, they are cold, lengthy and a bit depressing as there is litle or no sunshine until spring arrives in April.

All travelers to Greenland must have in their possession a valid passport which expires no less than three months after their stay in Greenland. Be prepared to show your passport when entering and leaving the country.

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

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