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Famous Virgin Islanders

US Virgin Islands's Information

Flag of US Virgin Islands
Land Area 346 km2
Water Area 1,564 km2
Total Area 1,910km2
Population 102,951 (#193)
Population Density 297.55/km2
Government Type Presidential Democracy; A Self-governing Territory Of The US
GDP (PPP) $3.79 Billion
GDP Per Capita $36,100
Currency Dollar (USD)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - C

  • Alton Adams first black bandmaster in US Navy
  • Samuel Baptiste politician
  • Sosthenes Behn co-founder Puerto Rico Telephone Company, ITT Corporation
  • Raja Bell basketball player
  • Bennie Benjamin songwriter
  • Judah P. Benjamin Confederate States politician
  • Edward Wilmot Blyden educator, author, diplomat
  • Lisa Canning television host
  • Morris Fidanque de Castro former governor
  • Barbara Christian educator, author
  • Joe Christopher baseball player
  • Frank Rudolph Crosswaith politician, activist, trade union organizer
  • Midre Cummings baseball player
D - G
  • Vanessa Daou singer, songwriter
  • AdlahDonastorg, Jr. politician
  • Kerry Drue former attorney general
  • Tim Duncan basketball player
  • Melvin H. Evans former governor
  • Alexander A. Farrelly former governor
  • Gregory Francis politician
  • Rothschild Francis councilman, labor leader
  • Victor O. Frazer politician
  • Kelsey Grammer actor
  • Emile Griffith boxer
H - J
  • Hubert Henry Harrison author, political activist
  • Tiger Haynes actor, musical performer
  • Elrod Hendricks baseball player, coach
  • Casper Holstein mobster, political activist
  • Roy Innis civil rights leader, activist
  • D. Hamilton Jackson civil rights activist, labor leader
  • Julian Jackson boxer
  • G. Luz A. James lawyer, businessman, broadcaster
  • Gerard Luz James II politician
  • J. Raymond Jones politician
  • John de Jongh governor
K - P
  • Cyril King former governor
  • Jon Lucien musician (born in Tortola)
  • John David Merwin former governor
  • Mr. Money record producer
  • Niyorah musician
  • James O'Bryan, Jr. politician
  • Ralph Moses Paiewonsky politician, former governor
  • Arona Peterson author
  • Calvin Pickering baseball player
  • Camille Pissarro artist
R - T
  • Arthur A. Richards educator
  • Rock City music group
  • Pamela Richards Samuel politician
  • Roy L. Schneider physician, former governor
  • Peter Carl Frederik von Scholten former governor-general of the Danish West Indies (born in Denmark)
  • Malik Sekou political scientist, author
  • Kevin Sheppard basketball player
  • Glen J. Smith educator, politician
  • Karrine Steffans author
  • Terence Todman former U.S. ambassador
  • Ashley L. Totten union leader, humanitarian
  • Charles Wesley Turnbull former governor

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