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Travel to Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia's Information

Flag of Saint Lucia
Land Area 606 km2
Water Area 10 km2
Total Area 616km2 (#177)
Population 164,464 (#185)
Population Density 271.39/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $2.08 Billion
GDP Per Capita $12,000
Currency Dollar (XCD)
ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

St. Lucia offers everything a traveler would want in a destination: beautiful landscapes, tropical weather,cultural events, welcoming locals, and an assortment of accommodations. So, whether it's a trip for adventure, romance or relaxation, St. Lucia is the perfect choice.

Rainforest tours are popular favorites, along with scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, relaxing on the beach or enjoying the sights of local towns like Castries – the capital city, the original capital of Soufriere – home to many old estates, or immersing oneself in the Creole heritage in Laborie.

  • Electricity: 110/120V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: St. Lucia, like most Caribbean destinations, is popular during the winter months (December to mid-April). This period generally receives the least amount of rainfall, and the winter temperatures average a balmy 80° F (26° C).

    The off-season, June through November, is the rainy season and the temperatures will be a bit higher, but still comfortable at 85° F (29° C).

    Many of the popular events and festivals are held during the off-season, such as the Jazz Festival and Carnival in July, so traveling to St. Lucia is pleasant no matter what time of year, as there is always plenty to see and do.

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  • St. Lucia Travel Advice and Warnings
This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

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