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Famous Puerto Ricans

Puerto Rico's Information

Flag of Puerto Rico
Land Area 8,870 km2
Water Area 4,921 km2
Total Area 13,791km2
Population 3,578,056 (#132)
Population Density 403.39/km2
Government Type Presidential Democracy; A Self-governing Commonwealth In Political Association With The US
GDP (PPP) $131.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $37,700
Currency Dollar (USD)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Alejandro Gonzalez Malave undercover agent
  • Antonio Maldonado US Air Force officer
  • Evelyn Mantilla politician
  • Benjamin Marcantoni opera singer, actor, composer
  • Hugo Margenat poet
  • Luis Munoz Marin poet, journalist, politician
  • Rene Marques playwright
  • Victor Marrero jurist
  • Ricky Martin actor, singer
  • Ana Maria Martinez opera singer
  • Ladislao Martinez musician
  • Luis Aponte Martinez cardinal
  • Antonio Martorell graphic artist, radio, television personality
  • Francisco Ramirez Medina first president Republic of Puerto Rico
  • Concha Melendez poet, educator
  • Olga A. Mendez politician
  • Ines Mendoza former first lady of Puerto Rico, educator, ecologist
  • Andres Mignucci architect
  • Carlos Albizu Miranda educator
  • Angel Mislan composer
  • Jose Trias Monge jurist, author
  • Yolandita Monge singer
  • Gilberto Monroig guitarist, singer
  • Glenn Monroig composer, guitarist, singer
  • Jacobo Morales actor, writer, director
  • Noro Morales pianist, band leader
  • Rita Moreno actress, singer
  • Jonny Moseley skier, Olympic medalist
  • Rafo Muniz actor, comedian, director, producer
  • Tommy Muniz actor, producer, network owner
N - O
  • William A. Navas, Jr. assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy
  • Ednita Nazario singer, songwriter
  • Hector Andres Negroni historian, aerospace executive, author
  • Alberto A. Nido U.S. Air Force officer
  • Tito Nieves singer, songwriter
  • Antonia Novello physician, former US surgeon general
  • Demetrio O'Daly field marshall Spanish Army
  • Tommy Olivencia band leader
  • Tony Oliver voice actor
  • Denisse Oller broadcaster, journalist, television news reader
  • Francisco Oller artist
  • Ana Maria O'Neill educator, author, women's rights advocate
  • Maria de Mater O'Neill artist, lithographer, educator
  • Elin Ortiz actor, comedian, producer
  • Luis "Perico" Ortiz trumpet player, composer, producer
  • Luis Padial soldier, politician
  • Hernan Padilla physician
  • Amalia Paoli soprano
  • Antonio Paoli tenor
  • Raul Papaleo volleyball player
  • Ernesto Pastor bullfighter
  • Antonio S. Pedreira author, educator
  • Jose Enrique Pedreira composer
  • Lourdes Perez poet, songwriter, composer, guitarist
  • Silverio Perez producer, musician, host
  • Joaquin Phoenix actor
  • Alfredo Wiechers Pieretti architect
  • Pedro Pietri poet, playwright
  • Jesus T. Pinero engineer, politician
  • Carlos Ponce actor, singer, composer, television personality
Q - R
  • Luciano Quinones pianist, composer
  • Jose Maldonado Ramon revolutionary
  • Angel Ramos industrialist, founder of Telemundo
  • Mercedes Reaves engineer, scientist
  • Sylvia Rexach composer, singer
  • Carlos Velez Rieckehoff political activist
  • German Rieckehoff president of Puerto Rico Olympic committee
  • Jorge Rigau architect, historian, author, pedagogue
  • John Rivas comic strip creator
  • Graciela Rivera opera singer
  • Jose Rivera playwright, screenwriter


  • Luis Antonio Rivera comedian, actor, television host
  • Manuel Rivera-Ortiz documentary photographer
  • Gaspar Roca journalist, economist
  • Jose Rodriguez intelligence officer
  • Juan "Chi-Chi" Rodriguez golfer
  • Tito Rodriguez singer, band leader
  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez musician, songwriter, producer
  • Roberto Roena percussionist, orchestra leader
  • Monserrate Roman scientist, microbiologist
  • Marta Romero actress, singer, comedian, television pioneer
  • Ana Roque de Duprey educator, suffragist, a founder of University of Puerto Rico
  • Johanna Rosaly actress, singer, television host
  • Willie Rosario musician, composer, band leader
  • Pedro Rossello physician, politician, former governor
  • Joe Sanchez author, NYPD officer
  • Luis Rafael Sanchez playwright
  • Manuel Olivieri Sanchez civil rights activist
  • Wilfredo Santa-Gomez author
  • Maria de Lourdes Santiago lawyer, journalist, politician
  • Jorge Santini politician
  • Daniel Santos singer, composer
  • Mayra Santos-Febres author, poet, literary critic
  • Arturo Alfonso Schomburg historian, author
  • Nino Segarra singer, composer, musician
  • Juan Serralles founder of "Don Q" rum
  • Blas C. Silva-Boucher engineer
  • Arturo Somohano composer, symphony orchestra director
  • Luis F Soto film, television director
  • Agustin Stahl physician, scientist
  • Manuel Gregorio Tavarez composer
  • Gerardo Teissonniere pianist, teacher
  • Filipo Tirado puppeteer
  • Juan Tizol trombonist, composer
  • Pedro Toledo former FBI agent, lawyer
  • Yomo Toro guitarist, cuatro player
  • Eladio Torres poet, musician, composer, singer
  • Nestor Torres jazz flautist
  • Juan R. Torruella jurist
U - Z
  • Luz Maria Umpierre poet, scholar, human rights activist
  • Diego de Torres Vargas priest, author
  • Ed Vega author
  • Tony Vega singer, band leader
  • Nydia Velazquez US politician
  • Ada Velez boxer
  • Clemente Soto Velez poet, journalist, activist
  • Wilkins Velez singer, composer
  • Juan Evangelista Venegas boxer, Olympic medalist
  • Luis Vigoreaux radio, television host
  • Luisito Vigoreaux actor, producer
  • Irene Vilar editor, author
  • Roberto Sanchez Vilella engineer, former governor
  • Raul G. Villaronga former US army officer
  • Mariano Villaronga-Toro educator
  • Otilio Warrington comedian
  • Mark Watring equestrian
  • Lila Mayoral Wirshing former first lady
  • David Zayas actor
  • Juan Alonso Zayas former Spanish army commander
  • Marcos Zurinaga cinematographer

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Puerto Rico Trivia

What Language is Spoken in Puerto Rico?

English and Spanish are the two most widely spoken languages in Puerto Rico. Over 95% of the population speaks Spanish.

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