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Famous Montserratians

Montserrat's Information

Flag of Montserrat
Land Area 102 km2
Total Area 102km2
Population 5,267 (#227)
Population Density 51.64/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Legislative Council); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $43.78 Million
GDP Per Capita $8,500
Currency Dollar (XCD)
More Information Montserrat
  • Jim Allen former cricketer
  • Lionel Baker cricketer
  • Percival Austin Bramble politician, former chief minister
  • William Henry Bramble "Willy B" union leader, politician
  • David Brandt politician, former chief minister
  • Alphonsus "Arrow" Cassell MBE musician
  • Justin "Hero" Cassell musician
  • Vladimir Farrell footballer
  • Sean Howson footballer
  • George Irish academic, community leader, activist
  • Andrew Julius footballer
  • Lowell Lewis politician, former chief minister
  • Reuben Meade politician, chief minister
  • Bertrand Osborne politician, former chief minister
  • John Osborne former chief minister
  • Matthew Phipps "M.P." Shiel author
  • Lydia Simmons mayor of Slough
  • Elton Williams footballer
  • Maizie Williams musician
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