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Famous Guadeloupeans

Guadeloupe's Information

Flag of Guadeloupe
Total Area 1,628km2
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
A - C
  • Admiral T musician
  • Jocelyn Angloma footballer
  • Pegguy Arphexad footballer
  • Christine Arron athlete
  • Stephane Auvray footballer
  • Jacques Bangou politician
  • Rodrigue Beaubois basketball player
  • Jacques Bino trade unionist, activist
  • Jean-Michel Capoue footballer
  • Paul Adolphe Marie Prosper Granier de Cassagnac politician, journalist
  • Ary Chalus politician
  • Pascal Chimbonda footballer
  • Julio Colombo footballer
  • Miguel Comminges footballer
  • Maryse Conde author
D - F
  • Didier Dinart handball player
  • Elie Domota trade unionist
  • Jacques Francois Dugommier French general
  • Philippe Durpes footballer
  • Fritz Emeran footballer
  • Marcel Esdras former president regional council
  • Dimitri Fautrai footballer
  • Cedrick Fiston footballer
  • Laura Flessel-Colovic athlete
G - J
  • Marcel Gagnar former president regional council
  • Mickael Gelabale basketball player
  • Gregory Gendrey footballer
  • Yohann Gene cyclist
  • Mickael Germain footballer
  • Jacques Gillot politician, physician
  • Patricia Girard athlete
  • Olivier Girault handball player
  • Ludovic Gotin footballer
  • Franck Grandel footballer
  • Willy Gueret footballer
  • Doc Gyneco musician
  • Thierry Henry footballer
  • Kery James singer, songwriter
L - M
  • Jocelyne Labylle musician
  • Alexis Leger poet, nobel laureate
  • Nicolas-Germain Leonard author
  • Meddy Lina footballer
  • Thierry Lubin athlete
  • Victorin Lurel head of regional council
  • Zouk Machine music group
  • Daniel Marsin politician
  • Rony Martias cyclist
  • Pierre Mathieu former president regional council
  • Daniel Maximin author, poet
  • Jeremy Messiba footballer
  • Lucette Michaux-Chevry former head regional council
  • Sylvanie Morandais athlete
  • Jean-Marc Mormeck boxer
  • Jose Moustache former president regional council
N - P
  • Loic Nestor footballer
  • Philibert Parnasse centenarian
  • Marie-Luce Penchard politician
  • Robert Pentier former president regional council
  • Marie-Jose Perec athlete
  • Florent Pietrus basketball player
  • Mickael Pietrus basketball player
  • Felix Proto former president regional council
Q - Z
  • Ludovic Quistin footballer
  • Firmine Richard actress
  • Teddy Riner Olympics medalist, judoka
  • Roger Salnot football coach
  • David Sommeil footballer
  • Luc Sonor footballer
  • Lilian Thuram footballer
  • Marius Tresor footballer
  • Serge Tsmikeboki footballer
  • Joelle Ursull singer
  • Vidian Valerius footballer
  • Francky Vincent singer, songwriter, producer
  • Ronald Zubar footballer
  • Stephane Zubar footballer

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