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Famous Cubans

Cuba's Information

Flag of Cuba
Land Area 109,820 km2
Water Area 1,040 km2
Total Area 110,860km2 (#104)
Population 11,179,995 (#78)
Population Density 101.80/km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $133.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $11,900
Currency Peso (CUP)
Largest Cities

About Cuba

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Armando Hart Davalos politician, communist leader
  • Carlos Lage Davila politician
  • Eusebio Delfin musician
  • Alberto Delgado soccer player
  • Issac Delgado musician
  • Edmundo Desnoes author
  • Orestes Destrade baseball player
  • Yanelis Yuliet Labrada Diaz olympic medalist, taekwondo
  • Yanqui Diaz boxer
  • Mirta Diaz-Balart Fidel Castro's first wife
  • Rafael Diaz-Balart politician
  • Waldo Diaz-Balart artist
  • Aida Diestro pianist, director
  • Martin Dihigo baseball player
  • Ivan Dominguez cyclist
  • Victor Dreke communist party leader
  • Carlos Enriquez artist, illustrator
  • Yunel Escobar baseball player
  • Conchita Espinosa pianist, educator
  • Roberto "Bobby" Estalella baseball player
  • Emilio Estefan producer
  • Gloria Estefan singer, songwriter
  • Lili Estefan television personality
  • Cesar Evora actor
  • Candido Fabre songwriter, singer
  • Rodolfo Falcon olympic medalist, swimmer
  • Roberto Faz singer, conductor
  • Alfredo de la Fe musician
  • Delfin Fernandez former spy
  • Florentino Fernandez boxer
  • Tomas Fernandez footballer
  • Yudelkis Fernandez long jumper
  • Antonio Rodriguez Ferrer composer, conductor
  • Ibrahim Ferrer singer
  • Carlos Juan Finlay physician, scientist
  • Juan Formell singer, songwriter
  • Tony Fossas baseball player
  • Alfonso Fraga-Perez lawyer, diplomat
  • Daisy Fuentes television host
  • Leonardo Padura Fuentes author, journalist
  • Norberto Fuentes author, journalist
  • Maykel Galindo footballer
  • Yuriorkis Gamboa boxer
  • Barbaro Garbey baseball player
  • Andy Garcia actor
  • Anier Garcia olympic medalist, hurdler
  • Calixto Garcia general
  • Humberto Jesus Castro Garcia artist
  • Ivan Garcia olympic medalist, sprinter
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia politician
  • Yoel Garcia olympic medalist, triple jumper
  • Francisco Gattorno actor
  • Sergio Giral film writer, director
  • Alberto Bayo y Giroud military leader
  • German Nogueira Gomez songwriter, composer, producer
  • Jose Miguel Gomez former president
  • Miguel Mariano Gomez former president
  • Preston Gomez baseball player, manager, coach
  • Jose Gomez-Sicre art critic, author
  • Celina Gonzalez singer, songwriter
  • Elian Gonzalez former child castaway
  • Emeterio Gonzalez javelin thrower
  • Gerardo Gonzalez "Kid Gavilan" boxer
  • Juan de Marcos Gonzalez bandleader, musician
  • Raul Gonzalez olympic medalist, boxer
  • Ruben Gonzalez pianist
  • Tony Gonzalez football player
  • Antonio Maceo Grajales military commander
  • Ramon Grau former president, physician
  • Alvarez Guedes comedian, author
  • Vida Guerra actress
  • Yalil Guerra composer, musician, producer
  • Che Guevara leader of Cuban revolution (born in Argentina)
  • Gilda Antonia Guillen author, poet, political activist
  • Nicolas Guillen poet, journalist
  • Vilma Espin Guillois revolutionary, women's rights activist
  • Olga Guillot singer , "queen of bolero"
  • Juan Gundlach naturalist, taxonomist
  • Horacio Gutierrez concert pianist
  • Pedro Juan Gutierrez author
H - K
  • Celia Hart physicist
  • Jose Maria Heredia y Heredia poet
  • Ariel Hernandez olympic medalist, boxer
  • Didier Hernandez singer
  • Livan Hernandez baseball player
  • Orlando Hernandez baseball player
  • Roberto Hernandez sprinter
  • Yoel Hernandez hurdler
  • Yuniel Hernandez hurdler
  • Hector Herrera olympic medalist, runner
  • Carlos Hevia politician
  • Alcibiades Hidalgo former ambassador to the UN
  • Adolfo Horta olympic medalist, boxer
  • Abelardo Colome Ibarra politician
  • Guillermo Cabrera Infante author, essayist, translator
  • Joel Isasi olympic medalist, sprinter
  • Alberto Juantorena olympic medalist, track athlete
  • Alberto Korda photographer

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