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Famous Caymanians

Cayman Islands's Information

Flag of Cayman Islands
Land Area 264 km2
Total Area 264km2
Population 57,268 (#205)
Population Density 216.92/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Legislative Assembly); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $2.51 Billion
GDP Per Capita $43,800
Currency Dollar (KYD)
B - C
  • Truman Bodden politician
  • William Bodden former chief magistrate
  • Gladwyn K. Bush folk artist
  • McKeeva Bush politician, premier
  • Allen Wosley Cardinall former commissioner
  • William Cartwright former chief magistrate
  • James Coe the Younger former chief magistrate
  • James Coe the Elder former chief magistrate
  • William Warren Conolly politician
  • Kenneth Roy Crook former governor
  • John Alfred Cumber former administrator
D - G
  • Bruce Dinwiddy former governor
  • Alan Hilliard Donald former commissioner
  • John Drayton former chief magistrate
  • Donovan Ebanks civil service
  • Selita Ebanks fashion model
  • William Eden former chief magistrate
  • Frank E. Flowers filmmaker, director
  • Captain G. H. Frith former commissioner
  • Andrew Morris Gerrard former commissioner
  • Michael Edward John Gore former governor
H - O
  • George Stephenson Hirst former commissioner
  • Hugh Houston Hutchings former commissioner
  • Stuart Jack former governor
  • Thomas Jefferson politician
  • John Perry Jones former commissioner
  • George Peter Lloyd former governor
  • Athelstan Charles Ethelwulf Long former governor
  • George A. McCarthy former governor
  • Alden McLaughlin politician
  • Juliana O'Connor-Connolly agricultural minister
  • John Wynne Owen former governor
P - W
  • Albert C. Panton former commissioner
  • Edmund Parsons former chief magistrates
  • Arthur C. Robinson former commissioner
  • Jack Rose former administrator
  • Thomas Russell former governor
  • James Ryan former governor
  • Frederick Shedden Sanguinnetti former commissioner
  • Alan James Scott former governor
  • Ivor Otterbein Smith former commissioner
  • Peter Smith former governor
  • Duncan Taylor British diplomat, governor of the Cayman Islands
  • Kurt Tibbetts politician
  • Anthony Travers attorney, finance expert
  • Dow Travers alpine skier, rugby player
  • William Bodden Webster former chief magistrate
  • Ernest Arthur Weston former commissioner

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