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Famous Virgin Islanders

British Virgin Islands's Information

Flag of British Virgin Islands
Land Area 151 km2
Total Area 151km2
Population 34,232 (#213)
Population Density 226.70/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (House Of Assembly); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $500.00 Million
GDP Per Capita $42,300
Currency Dollar (USD)
  • Geoffrey Pole Allesbrook former administrator
  • Inez Archibald acting governor
  • David Robert Barwick former governor
  • Desire Montgomery Butler football player
  • Troy Caesar footballer
  • Ranelie Cain footballer
  • Edward John Cameron former administrator
  • John Cornell Chads former president
  • Frank Cecil Clarkson former administrator
  • Dion Crabbe sprinter
  • Derek George Cudmore former governor
  • Richard Henry Kortright Dyett former president
  • Otho Lewis Hancock former administrator
  • TahesiaHarrigan sprinter
  • J. Mark A. Herdman former governor
  • Richard Mahoney Hickson former president
  • Samuel Hodge soldier, recipient of Victoria Cross
  • Richard Humphreys philanthropist, founder Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
  • William Rogers Isaacs former president
  • Thomas Leslie Hartman Jarvis former administrator
  • Keidran Jones (Iyaz) singer
  • John C. Lettsome physician, philanthropist
  • Terrance B. Lettsome politician
  • Jon Lucien musician
  • Alexander R. Mackay former administrator
  • Eric Matthias athlete
  • William Boyd McCleary governor
  • Henroy Mitchell footballer
  • Ralph Telford O'Neal premier
  • Dancia Penn politician
  • Trevor Peters footballer
  • Fredrick Augustus Pickering former president
  • Michael Riegels attorney
  • Jermaine Riley footballer
  • Cyril Romney former chief minister
  • Orlando Smith former chief minister
  • Hope Stevens attorney, political activist
  • Hamilton LavityStoutt former chief minister
  • Christopher Telemaque footballer
  • William Thornton physician, inventor, architect
  • Willard Wheatley former chief minister
  • Avondale Williams football player, team manager
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