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Famous Arubians

Aruba's Information

Flag of Aruba
Land Area 180 km2
Total Area 180km2
Population 113,648 (#188)
Population Density 631.38/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Legislature); Part Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands
GDP (PPP) $2.52 Billion
GDP Per Capita $25,300
Currency Guilder (AWG)
More Information Aruba
  • Edwin Abath politician
  • Dave Benton musician
  • Maurice Bishop politician
  • Nigel Brown composer
  • Susan Cagle singer, songwriter
  • Chris Comvalius actress
  • Betico Croes political activist
  • Frido Croes politician, former school teacher
  • Henny Eman former prime minister
  • Michiel "Mike" Eman politician, former prime minister
  • Julio Bernardo Euson singer
  • Roberto "Bobby" Farrell musician
  • Evelyn Farrell athlete
  • Grace Hichez actress
  • Joseph Gregory Percy Irausquin fashion designer
  • Ivan Eugene Jansen musician
  • Joseph Guillermo Jones II "Jim Jones" musician
  • Eugene Humphrey "Gene" Kinsale baseball player
  • Calvin Maduro baseball player
  • Boyoura Martijn model
  • Nelson Oduber former prime minister
  • Roger Peterson musician
  • Pete Philly musician
  • Sidney Ponson baseball player
  • Fredis Refunjol politician, governor

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