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Guatemalan Weather

Map of Guatemala
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Guatemala's Information

Flag of Guatemala
Land Area 107,159 km2
Water Area 1,730 km2
Total Area 108,889 km2
Population 15,189,958
Population Density 139.50 / km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $132.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $7,900
Currency Quetzal (GTQ)
Largest Cities
  • Guatemala City (994,938)
  • Mixco (473,080)
  • Villa Nueva (406,830)
  • Petapa (141,455)
  • San Juan Sacatepequez (136,886)
  • Quetzaltenango (132,230)
  • Villa Canales (122,194)
  • Escuintla (103,165)
  • Chinautla (97,172)
  • Chimaltenango (82,370)

The tropical country of Guatemala is consistently warm (

often quite pleasant

) with very pronounced wet and dry seasons.

Typical of a mountainous country, high and low temperatures vary quite substantually based on elevation. In general terms, the interior plains and coastal lowlands in Guatemala reach average daily highs near 80° F, with little seasonal change; the lower mountain valley temperatures are in the 65° F range, while the upper elevations average near 40° F.

As for precipatation, Guatemala's rainy season runs May to early December, with the greatest amount of rain falling in the plains of the northern Paten region; there, 125 inches of yearly precipatation, or more, are quite common. The eastern highlands of the Sierra Madre Mountains receive the least amount of rainfall.

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