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Famous Salvadorans

El Salvador's Information

Flag of El Salvador
Land Area 20,721 km2
Water Area 320 km2
Total Area 21,041km2 (#148)
Population 6,156,670 (#108)
Population Density 297.12/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $54.79 Billion
GDP Per Capita $8,900
Currency Dollar (USD)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B
  • Jose Inocencio "Chencho" Alas former priest, activist
  • Claribel Alegria poet, author, journalist (born in Nicaragua)
  • Manuel Jose Arce general, president Federal Republic of Central America
  • Gerardo Barrios former president
  • Adrian Bellani actor (born in Miami, US)
  • Alfredo Betancourt author
  • Juan Jose Canas co-writer national hymn of El Salvador, poet, ambassador
  • Noe Canjura artist
  • Cayetano Carpio former leader communist party
  • Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova head of national guard, former defense minister
  • Fernando Llort Choussy artist, "El Salvador's national artist"
  • Jose Castellanos Contreras army colonel, diplomat
  • Jose Antonio Cortez football player
  • Augusto Crespin artist
  • Alfredo Cristiana former president
D - F
  • Roque Dalton poet, journalist
  • Roberto D'Aubuisson army officer, political leader, founder Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA)
  • Jose Matias Delgado father of the Salvadoran Fatherland
  • Consuelo de Saint Exupery author, artist
  • Jose Napoleon Duarte former president
  • Jacinta Escudos author
  • Mauricio Funes president
G - L
  • Francisco Galindo poet, dramatist
  • Jorge "Magico" Gonzalez footballer
  • Ana Sol Gutierrez politician (US)
  • Joaquin Eufrasio Guzman statesman, former president (born in Costa Rica)
  • Schafik Handal politician
  • Claudia Lars poet
  • Alvaro Magana former president
  • Ana Maria military leader
  • Farabundo Marti social activist, communist leader
  • Ignacio Marton-Baro scholar, philosopher
  • Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez former president
  • Alberto Masferrer essayist, journalist
  • Francesca Miranda fashion designer
  • Rolando Molina actor
O - T
  • Sigifredo Ochoa military commander, politician, ambassador
  • Francisco Flores Perez former president
  • Pedro Geoffroy Rivas poet, linguist, anthropologist
  • Oscar Romero former archbishop, martyr
  • Antonio Saca former president
  • Salarrue author, poet
  • Antonio "Tono" Salaza caricaturist, illustrator, diplomat
  • Armando Calderon Sol former president
  • Vanesa Tomasino radio and television host
  • Alvaro Torres singer, songwriter

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

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