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Photos of Bermuda - Bermuda Map and Photos

bermuda map Atlantic Ocean large bermuda map

Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It consists of 138 islands that form a fishhook-shaped landmass, stretching some 22 miles in length and about a mile across. Bridges and causeways connect the eight largest islands.

Famed for Bermuda shorts, the original Bermuda onion, and of course the Bermuda Triangle, the island's tourism has grown significantly over the last 50 years.b

Bermuda's pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, offshore reefs and the Royal Naval Dockyard are major attractions. Of note: it is not possible to rent a car on the island, so in addition to walking the pleasant streets, many travelers choose to rent a bicycle or scooter.

hamilton bermuda
pink church bermuda
three flags bermuda
fort hamilton bermuda
bermuda road
The roads in the Bermuda Islands are curved and narrow, and they lead to a wide variety of options for locals and visitors alike; read on.
bermuda color
The vast majority of buildings in Bermuda, be them commercial or residential, are pastel in color.
bermuda houses
While crossing the Great Sound by ferry, I shot this photo of the very-typical local landscape in Bermuda.
front street hamilton
The busiest street in Bermuda is Hamilton's Front Street, one known for duty-free shopping and good restaurants.
commercial buildings bermuda
Bermuda's commercial buildings, especially in Hamilton, are architecturally stylish and beautifully shaded in color.
bermuda building
Redundant as it might seem, this building's style and colors are typical of Bermuda, and yes, the skies are that blue.
cabinet building hamilton
In Hamilton, this is where the Bermuda Cabinet of ministers and top officials meet. This two storied elegant building was constructed in 1841. In 1968, it became the office of Bermuda's Premier who runs the Bermuda Government. The Cabinet building is open to visitors from Monday through Friday (except Tuesday) from 9am to 5pm. There is no admission fee.
slavery statue

Slaves from Africa were brought to Bermuda soon after the colony was established. The slave trade was outlawed in Bermuda in 1807, and all slaves were freed in 1834. Today, about 55% of Bermudians are of African descent.

hibiscus flower bermuda

If you love flowers, you will love Bermuda.

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