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Travel to Bermuda

Bermuda's Information

Flag of Bermuda
Land Area 54 km2
Total Area 54km2
Population 70,537 (#202)
Population Density 1,306.24/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $5.20 Billion
GDP Per Capita $85,700
Currency Dollar (BMD)
More Information Bermuda
ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)
Bermuda's pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, offshore reefs and the Royal Naval Dockyard are major attractions in this North Atlantic destination.

There are also numerous parks and trails across the island offering walking, cycling and tours. Spelunkers will enjoy the Crystal Caves, named for the crystal clear water that fills them. There are many museums and forts featuring the art and history of Bermuda scattered across the island.

Be sure to enjoy the traditional Sunday codfish breakfast. If visiting for Christmas, don't miss the Cassava pie. And for more choices of things to see and do, along with detailed information, follow the links below.


  • Electricity: 110/120V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: Most travelers agree that the best time to visit Bermuda is Spring through Fall. During the winter, the temperatures are cooler (55° - 70°) and it's windier. During the summer months, the island is hopping with activities and the beaches are open for swimming and snorkeling.

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  • Bermuda Travel Advice and Warnings

Note: Since rental cars are not allowed in Bermuda, you can travel by bus, taxi, ferry, bicycle, or by horse and carriage. The most popular form of transportation in Bermuda is the motor scooter, and no driver's license is required.
This page was last updated on November 24, 2017.

Bermuda Trivia

Which Country Does Bermuda Belong To?

Bermuda is a group of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, and it is a territory of the British government. Known for being among the best tourist destinations, Bermuda has also been subjected to wild conspiracy theories, some attempting to explain why planes got lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Which Country Does Bermuda Belong To?

What are the Seven Wonders of Bermuda?

The Seven Wonders of Bermuda are Horseshoe Bay Beach, Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Fort Hamilton, Snorkeling, the Unfinished Cathedral, Cooper's Island and the Crystal Caves.

The Seven Wonders of Bermuda

What are the Endemic Species of Bermuda?

Some of the endemic species of Bermuda include the Bermuda skink, the Bermuda petrel, and the Bermuda buckeye.

Endemic Species of Bermuda

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