Famous People from North America

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Famous Natives listed represent a small samping of potential choices, all selected from the Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and USA famous lists posted on the site.


  • Paul Anka singer, songwriter
  • James "Jim" Carrey actor, comedian
  • Celine Dion singer
  • Michael J. Fox actor
  • Wayne Gretzky hockey player
  • Kathryn Dawn "K. D." Lang singer, songwriter
  • Art Linkletter radio, television host
  • Guy Lombardo musician, bandleader
  • Lorne Michaels creator saturday night live
  • James Naismith inventor basketball
  • Pierre Trudeau former prime minister
  • Jacques Villeneuve automobile racing driver

Additional Canada Famous


  • Moises Alou baseball player
  • Desi Arnaz actor, musician
  • Bussa freedom fighter, Barbados
  • Fidel Castro former president of cuba
  • Aime Cesaire poet, author
  • Alexander Hamilton U.S. founding father
  • Brian Lara cricket player
  • Bob Marley singer, songwriter, musician
  • Toussaint Louverture haitian revolution leader
  • Nanny of the Maroons (queen nanny)
  • Mary Prince author
  • Sammy Sosa baseball player

Additional Caribbean Famous


  • George Cadle Price first prime minister of belize
  • José María Hipólito Figueres Ferrer politician
  • Juan Santamaría costa rica hero
  • Clodomiro Picado Twight developed anti-venoms
  • Juan Jose Canas ambassador el salvador, poet
  • Fernando Llort Choussy artist
  • Miguel Angel Asturias author, nobel laureate
  • Rafael Landivar educator, poet
  • Rigoberta Menchu indigenous rights activist
  • Jaime Vinals mountaineer, climbed mt. everest
  • Chief Lempira lenca chief
  • Salvador Enrique Moncada author, pharmacologist

Additional Central America Famous

  • Anthony Quinn actor
  • Vincente Fox politician, former president
  • Adrian Fernandez race car driver
  • Diego Rivera artist
  • Mario J. Molina nobel prize in chemistry
  • Octavio Paz Lozano nobel rrize for literature
  • Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa) revolutionary general
  • Thalia actress, singer
  • Rodolfo Neri Vela astronaut
  • Salma Hayek actress, director
  • Fernando Valenzuela baseball player
  • Francisco Madero"father of the revolution"
Additional Mexico Famous


  • Andrew Carnegie financier/philanthropist
  • Thomas Edison inventor extraordinaire
  • Henry Ford industrialist/philanthropist
  • Benjamin Franklin diplomat/inventor/scientist
  • Bill Gates founder microsoft/philanthropist
  • Ernest Hemingway author
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th american president
  • Martin Luther King civil rights leader
  • Bobby Jones golfer
  • Abraham Lincoln 16th american president
  • Edgar Allen Poe author/poet
  • George Washington 1st american president

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