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Famous Swisss

Switzerland's Information

Flag of Switzerland
Land Area 39,997 km2
Water Area 1,280 km2
Total Area 41,277km2 (#132)
Population 8,179,294 (#97)
Population Density 204.50/km2
Government Type Federal Republic (formally A Confederation)
GDP (PPP) $496.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $59,400
Currency Franc (CHF)
Largest Cities

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

F continued

  • Phillip Emmanuel von Fellenberg educator
  • Michela Figini alpine skier, Olympic medalist
  • Edwin Fischer pianist, conductor
  • Marcel Fischer fencer, Olympic medalist
  • Thomas Gabriel Fischer singer, musician
  • Theodosius Florentini Capuchin monk
  • Nicholas of Flue patron saint of Switzerland
  • Carlo Fontana architect
  • Domenico Fontana architect
  • Auguste Forel myrmecologist, psychiatrist, neuroanatomist
  • Francois-Alphonse Forel scientist, founder of limnology
  • Albert Frey architect
  • Tanja Friedan snowboarder, Olympic medalist
  • Max Frisch playwright, novelist
  • Gaston Frommel theologian
  • Henry Fuseli painter
  • Johann Caspar Fussli painter
  • Albert Gallatin former U.S. secretary of treasury
  • Hans Gerschwiler figure skater, Olympic medalist
  • Jacques Gerschwiler figure skater, coach
  • Arnold Gerschwiler figure skating coach
  • Conrad Gessner naturalist, bibliographer
  • Salomon Gessner painter, poet
  • Alberto Giacometti painter, sculptor
  • Hans Rudlof "Ruedi" Giger painter
  • Domenico Gilardi architect
  • Friedrich Glauser writer
  • Charles Albert Gobat lawyer, politician, Nobel laureate
  • Claude Goretta television producer, film director
  • Jeremias Gotthelf novelist
  • Rene Grandjean aviation pioneer
  • Peter-Lukas Graf flautist
  • Anton Graff painter
  • Eugene Grasset artist
  • Andre Guignard engineer, mobile robot creator
  • Charles Edouard Guillaume physicist, Nobel laureate
  • Henri Guisan army general
  • Willi Gutmann sculptor
  • Ernst Haefliger tenor
  • Albrecht von Haller anatomist, naturalist, physiologist
  • Eveline Hasler writer
  • Markus Hediger writer, translator
  • Franz Heinzer alpine skier
  • Jeanne Hersch philosopher
  • Hans Herzog army general
  • Johann Jakob Herzog theologian
  • Erika Hess alpine skier, Olympic medalist
  • Walter Rudolf Hess physiologist, Nobel laureate
  • Carl Hilty philosopher, lawyer
  • Albert Hofmann scientist, chemist
  • Franz Hohler author
  • Heinz Holliger composer, conductor, oboist
  • Baron Jean-Conrad Hottinguer banker
  • Eugen Huber jurist, creator Swiss civil code of 1907
  • Francois Huber naturalist
  • Max Huber graphic designer
  • Hans-Werner Hunziker psychologist, scientist
  • Michelle Hunziker actress, singer
  • Otto Frederick Hunziker pioneer dairy industry
  • Philippe Huttenlocher baritone
  • Philippe Jaccottet poet, translator
  • Michael Jarrell composer
  • Pierre Jeauneret architect
  • Zoe Jenny writer
  • Antoine-Henri Jomini military general, writer
  • Carl Jung psychiatrist
  • Emma Jung psycho-analyst, author


  • Angelica Kauffman painter
  • Christophe Keckeis chief Swiss Armed Forces
  • Gottfried Keller writer
  • Marthe Keller actress
  • Bruno Kernen alpine skier, Olympic medalist
  • Paul Klee painter
  • Hugo Koblet cyclist
  • Emil Theodor Kocher physician, researcher, Nobel laureate
  • Xavier Koller film director, screenwriter
  • Elizabeth Kopp politician
  • Christian Kracht novelist
  • Elisabeth Kubler-Ross psychiatrist, author
  • Jorg Kuhn artist, naturalist
  • Hans Kung theologian
  • Mathis Kunzler actor
  • Andreas Kuttel ski jumper
  • Stephane Lambiel figure skater, choreographer, Olympic medalist
  • Henri Lauener philosopher
  • Johann Kaspar Lavater poet, physiognomist
  • William Lescaze architect
  • Moritz Leuenberger politician
  • Pepe Lienhard band leader, musician
  • Albert Lindegger painter
  • Hugo Loetscher writer
  • Peter Luscher alpine skier
  • Carl Lutz diplomat
  • Elmar Mader Swiss guard commander
  • Ella Maillart adventurer, travel writer
  • Robert Maillart civil engineer
  • Niklaus Manuel painter
  • Jean-Paul Marat physician, political theorist, scientist
  • Jean Charles Galissard de Marignac chemist
  • Jurg Marquard journalist, publisher
  • Frank Martin composer
  • Mani Matter singer, songwriter
  • Jojo Mayer drummer
  • Michael Mayor astrophysicist
  • Dieter Meier musician, conceptual artist
  • Arnold von Melchtal legendary founder of Switzerland
  • Christian Menn bridge designer
  • Conrad Ferdinand Meyer poet, novelist
  • Hannes Meyer architect
  • Max Miedinger typeface designer
  • Henrich Menu von Minutoli military officer, explorer, archaeologist
  • Walter Mittelholzer aviation pioneer
  • Patrick Moraz musician
  • Jean-Marc Moret archaeologist, art historian
  • Giuseppe Motta politician
  • Johannes von Muller historian
  • Josef Muller-Brockman graphic designer, teacher
  • Karl Alexander Muller physicist, Nobel laureate
  • Nicholas Muller snowboarder

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This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

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