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Vejer de la Frontera, Spain
Vejer de la Frontera, is a Spanish hilltop town to the southeast of Cadiz. The town, surrounded by orchards and orange groves, sits atop a hill overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.

It contains several ancient churches and convents, and the architecture of many of its houses recalls the period of Moorish rule, which lasted from 711 until the town was captured by Saint Ferdinand of Castile in 1248.

Vejer is a true gem, a place of white-washed houses, narrow winding streets, excellent food and wine and the unspoilt beaches of the Costa de la Luz are a few minutes away.

The picturesque town still retaining much of the wall around the old part of town which blends in well with the newer part. Many of the streets are too narrow for cars and as you walk around if you look through an open doorway you are likely to see beautiful inner patios with lots of flowers and plants.

street sighn Vejer de la Frontera spain

Local stret signs, Vejer de la Frontera.

church in Vejer de la Frontera spain

A part of the 600-year-old church of Iglesia Parroquial del Divino Salvador in Vejer de la Frontera.

hanging basket of flowers Vejer de la Frontera spain

Colorful wall tiles in Old Town.

street sign
cobblestones Vejer de la Frontera spain

Well-worn cobblestones n Vejer de la Frontera.

white house of Vejer de la Frontera spain
This is a partial view of Vejer de la Frontera from a local hill. On bright, sunny days, sunglasses are required as the buildings reflect so much sunlight that it can be a bit hard of the eyes. The main advantages of painting buildings white is when the sun is reflected its keep things much cooler on the inside.
morning mist in Vejer de la Frontera spain
Early morning mist (or fog) on a street in Vejer de la Frontera; it burns off quick however because of the sun.
street in Vejer de la Frontera spain
On that same foggy morning this is a typical look down a narrow street in Vejer de la Frontera. If you look to the lower left on this page you will see a shot of the well-worn cobblestones.
street in Vejer de la Frontera spain
In this hilly town, many residents must walk home up steep streets (or paths) like this as automobiles won't fit here.
fountain in Vejer de la Frontera
The main square in Vejer de la Frontera is Plaza de Espana, featuring a beautiful fountain with colorful ceramic tiles. This photo does not do it justice.
castle wall Vejer de la Frontera
Vejer de la Frontera was one of a string of fortified towns which made up the border between Christian Spain and Moorish Al Andalus, and remnants of forts still stand across the area.
street arches Vejer de la Frontera spain
Another narrow street in Vejer de la Frontera, and beyond the arches another view of this stylish Spanish hill town.
narrow street in Vejer de la Frontera
This photograph presents a very typical feel of Spain's Vejer de la Frontera where parts of its ancient past provide a history lesson at almost every turn.
man with cane Vejer de la Frontera spain
This local man, with his trusty cane, had no trouble whatsoever navigating a hilly street in Vejer de la Frontera.
happy tourist in Vejer de la Frontera
Another happy visitor in Vejer de la Frontera!

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