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Famous Slovenes

Slovenia's Information

Flag of Slovenia
Land Area 20,151 km2
Water Area 122 km2
Total Area 20,273km2 (#150)
Population 1,978,029 (#147)
Population Density 98.16/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $68.35 Billion
GDP Per Capita $33,100
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Bojan Adamic composer, conductor
  • Vinci Vogue Anzlovar film director
  • Zvest Apollonio painter
  • Blaz Arnic composer
  • Slavko Avsenik composer, musician
  • Andrej Bajuk economist, former prime minister
  • Miha Baloh actor
  • Frederic Baraga missionary, bishop
  • France Bevk writer, poet, translator
  • Demeter Bitenc actor
  • Robert Blinc physicist
  • Jozsef Borovnyak writer, politician
  • Stanislava Brezovar ballerina
  • Brigita Bukovec hurdler, Olympic medalist
  • Andrej Cadez physicist, astrophysicist
  • Ivan Cankar writer, essayist, poet, political activist
  • Jolanda Ceplak athlete, Olympic medalist
  • Joze Ciuha artist
  • Iztok Cop rower, Olympic medalist
  • Dragotin Cvetko composer
D - F
  • Ivo Daneu basketball player, coach
  • Mladen Dolar philosopher, psychoanalyst
  • Danilo Dolci social activist, sociologist, poet
  • Janez Drnovsek former prime minister, former president
  • Max Fabiani architect
  • Fran Saleski Finzgar writer, playwright, translator
  • Jure Franko alpine skier, Olympic medalist
  • Anton Fuster priest, political activist, author
G - I
  • Jani Golob composer, conductor, violinist
  • Alenka Gotar singer
  • Ivan Grohar painter
  • Pavel Groselj biologist, author
  • Herman Gvardjancic painter
  • Anton Haus naval officer
  • Bostjan Hladnik filmmaker
  • Tine Hribar philosopher
  • Zelijko Ivanek actor
  • Stane Jagodic artist, publicist
  • Bozidan Jakac painter, graphic artist
  • Janez Jalen writer, priest
  • Matija Jama painter
  • Drago Jancar writer, playwright, essayist
  • Janez Jansa former prime minister
  • Joze Javorsek playwright, writer, poet, translator
  • Polona Juh actress
  • Josip Jurcic writer, journalist


  • Karel Destovnik Kajuh translator, national hero
  • Davo Karnicar climber, skier
  • Janko Kersnik writer, politician
  • Jozsef Klekl politician, priest
  • Alojz Knafelc inventor Slovenian trail blaze
  • Ivana Kobilca painter
  • Jernej Kopitar linguist, philologist
  • Jure Kosir alpine skier, Olympic medalist
  • Srecko Kosovel poet
  • Peter Kozler geographer, cartographer
  • Damjan Kozole filmmaker
  • Ivan Kramberger inventor, writer, politician
  • Robert Kranjec ski jumper, Olympic medalist
  • Etbin Kristan labor leader, politician
  • Tomo Kriznar peace activist
  • Milan Kucan politician, statesman, former president
  • Ivo Lah mathematician, actuary
  • Janez Lapajne film director
  • Fran Levstik writer, political activist, playwright, critic
  • Anton Tomaz Linhart playwright, historian
  • Marijan Lipovsek composer, pianist
  • Marjana Lipovsek opera singer
  • Valentin "Tine" Logar historical linguist
  • Dragotin Loncar historian, editor, politician
M - N
  • Rudolph Maister military officer, political activist
  • Petra Majdic cross-country skier, Olympic medalist
  • Adriana Maraz graphic artist
  • Tina Maze alpine ski racer, Olympic medalist
  • Miha Mazzini writer, screenwriter, film director
  • Anton Melik geographer
  • Joze Mencinger lawyer, economist, politician
  • Franc Miklosic philologist
  • Pino Mlakar ballet dancer, choreographer
  • Zoran Music painter
  • Miki Muster sculptor, illustrator, cartoonist, animator
  • Anton Novacan politician, diplomat

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