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Famous Slovaks

Slovakia's Information

Flag of Slovakia
Land Area 48,105 km2
Water Area 930 km2
Total Area 49,035km2 (#127)
Population 5,445,802 (#118)
Population Density 113.21/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $169.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $31,200
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.
  • Ludovit Lacny chess problem composer, judge
  • Anton Lehmden painter, printmaker
  • Ondrej Lenard conductor
  • Igor Liba ice hockey player, Olympic medalist
  • Peter Lipa singer, composer
  • Vincent Lukac ice hockey player
  • Alexander Mach politician
  • Palo Macho painter
  • Michal Martikan slalom canoeist, Olympic medalist
  • Janko Matuska author of Slovak national anthem
  • Vladimir Meciar former prime minister
  • Miloslav Mecir tennis player
  • Stanislav "Stan" Mikita ice hockey player
  • Samuel Mikoviny mathematician, engineer, mapmaker
  • Jozef Moravcik diplomat, former prime minister
  • Lubomir Moravcik footballer
  • Martina Moravcova swimmer
  • Jan Mory composer, pedagogue
  • Stefan Moyses bishop, teacher
  • Alexander Moyzes composer
  • Jozef Murgas inventor, architect, botanist, painter
N - P
  • Barbara Nedeljakova actress
  • Ondrej Nepela figure skater, Olympic medalist
  • Luba Orgonasova opera singer
  • Jan Popluhar footballer
  • Lucia Popp opera singer
  • Jozef Pribilinec racewalker, Olympic medalist
  • Iveta Radicova prime minister
  • Dusan Rapos film director, screenwriter, composer
  • Jozo Raz singer
  • Martin Razus poet, dramatist, politician
  • Ivan Reitman film producer, director
  • Richard Reti chess player, endgames studies composer
  • Michal Riszdorfer sprint canoer, Olympic medalist
  • Richard Riszdorfer sprint canoer, Olympic medalist
  • Sandor Rudnay priest, archbishop
  • Darius Rusnak ice hockey player, Olympic medalist
  • Jozef Sabovcik figure skater, Olympic medalist
  • Pavel Jozef Safarif philologist, poet, historian
  • Tibor Salat mathematician
  • Miroslav Satan ice hockey player
  • Zdenka Cecilia Schelingova nun
  • Mikulas Schneider-Trnavsky composer, conductor, pedagogue
  • Rudolf Schuster former president
  • Karol Sidor politician
  • Ladislav Slovak conductor
  • Jan Sokol priest, archbishop
  • Karl Sovanka painter, sculptor
  • Tono Stano art photographer
  • Peter Stastny ice hockey player
  • Peter Stefan mathematician
  • Milan Rastislav Stefanik politician, diplomat, astronomer
  • Frano Stefunko sculptor
  • Aurel Stodola engineer, physicist, inventor
  • L'udovit Stur poet, philosopher, linguist
  • Eugen Suchon composer
  • Martin Sulik film director
  • Iris Szeghy composer
T - U
  • Jozef Tiso politician, former president
  • Anton Tkac track cyclist, Olympic medalist
  • Peter Tomka diplomat, judge International Court of Justice
  • Ladislav Trojak ice hockey player
  • Vojtech "Bela" Tuka former prime minister
  • Jozef Turanec Slovak general
  • Dezo Ursiny singer, songwriter, musician
  • Marian Varga musician, composer, organist
  • Emilia Vasaryova actress
  • Jan Veizer geochemist, paleoclimatologist
  • Jozef Venglos footballer, coach
  • Rudolf Viest Slovak general
  • Lubomir Visnovsky ice hockey player
  • Karol Zachar director, actor, art director
  • Miroslav Zbirka singer, songwriter
  • Radoslav Zidek snowboarder, Olympic medalist
  • Stefan Znam mathematician

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