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Famous Slovaks

Slovakia's Information

Flag of Slovakia
Land Area 48,105 km2
Water Area 930 km2
Total Area 49,035km2 (#127)
Population 5,445,802 (#118)
Population Density 113.21/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $169.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $31,200
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Vojtech Alexander radiologist
  • Janko Alexy artist, writer, publicist
  • Milan Antal astronomer
  • Juraj Baca speed canoer, Olympic medalist
  • Andrej Bagar actor
  • Jan Bahyl inventor
  • Blazej Balaz artist
  • Maria Balazova artist
  • Stefan Banic inventor military parachute
  • Pavol Barabas film director
  • Ivan Batory cross-country skier
  • Milos Alexander Bazovsky artist
  • Ivan Bella pilot, first Slovak to fly in space
  • Jan Levoslav Bella composer, conductor
  • Juraj Benes composer, pianist
  • Martin Benka painter, illustrator
  • Pal'o Bielik film director, screenwriter
  • Barbora Bobulova actress
  • Peter Breiner pianist, conductor, composer
  • Albin Brunovsky painter, graphic artist, lithographer, illustrator
C - D
  • Ferdinand Catlos military officer, politician
  • Zdeno Chara ice hockey player
  • Jan Cikker composer
  • Vladimir Clementis politician
  • Lajos Csordak painter
  • Stefan Marko Daxner nobleman, politician, lawyer
  • Laco Deczi musician, trumpet player, composer
  • John Dopyera inventor, stringed instruments maker
  • Alexander Dubcek politician
  • Peter Dvorsky opera singer
  • Vladimir Dzurilla ice hockey, Olympic medalist
  • Mikulas Dzurinda politician, former prime minister
  • Robert Fico former prime minister
  • Viliam Figus-Bystry composer, teacher, author
  • Jaroslav Filip musician, composer,
  • Tibor Freso composer, conductor
  • Ludovit Fulla painter, graphic artist, illustrator
  • Jozef Gabcik soldier
  • Jozef Gabris aerobatics pilot
  • Mikulas Galanda painter, illustrator
  • Ivan Gasparovic politician, president of Slovakia
  • Silvia Gasparovicova first lady of Slovakia
  • Pavol Peter Gojdic bishop
  • Bohumil Golian volleyball player, Olympic medalist
  • Jozef Golonka ice hockey player, Olympic medalist
  • Marika Gombitova singer, songwriter
  • Jozef Gonci sport shooter, Olympic medalist
  • Edita Gruberova opera singer


  • Karina Habsudova tennis player
  • Pavol Hammel musician, singer
  • Dusan Hanak film director
  • Daniela Hantuchova tennis player
  • Martin Hattala pedagogue, theologian, linguist
  • Juraj Herz film director, actor, screenwriter
  • Andrej Hlinka politician, priest
  • Michal Miloslav Hodza national revivalist, priest
  • Milan Hodza politician, journalist
  • Dezo Hoffmann photographer, photojournalist
  • Basil Hopko priest, bishop
  • Marian Hossa ice hockey player
  • Dominik Hrbaty tennis player
  • Juraj Hromkovic computer scientist, author
  • Jur Hronec mathematician
  • Jozef Miloslav Hurban politician, journalist
  • Gustav Husak politician
I - J
  • Dionyz Ilkovic physicist, physical chemist
  • Juraj Jakubisko film director
  • Juraj Janosik Slovak highwayman legend
  • Andreas Jaszlinszky physics textbooks author
  • Elena Kaliska slalom canoer, Olympic medalist
  • Livia Klausova first lady of Czech Republic
  • Igor Kluvanek mathematician
  • Milan Knazko actor, politician
  • Slavomir Knazovicky sprint canoer, Olympic medalist
  • Adam Frantisek Kollar historian, nobleman
  • Jan Kollar writer, pastor, archaeologist, scientist
  • Michal Kovac politician, former president of Slovakia
  • Lubor Kresak astronomer
  • Jozef Krnac judoka, Olympic medalist
  • Josef Kroner actor
  • Karol Kucera tennis player
  • Juraj Kukura actor
  • Jozef Kundlak opera singer
  • Ladislav Kupkovic composer, conductor

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This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

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