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Famous Serbs

Serbia's Information

Flag of Serbia
Land Area 77,474 km2
Total Area 77,474km2 (#115)
Population 7,143,921 (#102)
Population Density 92.21/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $102.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,200
Currency Dinar (RSD)
Largest Cities

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People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal


  • Mihailo Petrovic Alas mathematician, inventor
  • Mija Aleksic actor
  • Tatomir Andelic mathematician
  • Voja Antonic inventor, journalist, writer
  • Ksenija Atanasijevic philosopher
  • Jovan Avakumovic lawyer, former prime minister
  • Isidor Bajic composer, pedagogue, publisher
  • Dorde Balasevic singer, songwriter
  • Svetislav Basara author
  • Dusan T. Batakovic historian, diplomat
  • Matija Beckovic writer, poet
  • Stanislav Binicki composer, pedagogue, conductor
  • David Bizic opera singer
  • Predrag Bjelac actor
  • Bogdan Bogdanovic architect, essayist
  • Petar Bozovic actor
  • Lazar Brankovic Serbian despot
  • Stefan Brankovic Serbian despot
  • Dragisa Brasovan architect
  • Predrag Bubalo politician
C - D
  • Veselin Cajkanovic scholar, translator
  • Teodor Ilic Cesljar painter
  • Dobrica Cosic writer, theorist
  • Jovan Cvijic geographer
  • Branko Damljanovic chess grandmaster
  • Oskar Davico novelist, poet
  • Ljubomir Davidovic former prime minister
  • Dejan Despic composer, music theoretician
  • Novak Djokovic tennis player
  • Anica Dobra actress
  • Bora Dordevic singer, songwriter
  • Jovan Dordevic writer
  • Constantine Dragas former despot
  • Vuk Draskovic politician
  • Srdan Dragojevic film director, screenwriter
  • Mihailo Duric philosopher
G - J
  • Milan Grol literary critic, politician
  • Sava Grujic statesman, diplomat
  • Radoslav Hlapen military commander
  • Nikola Hristic former prime minister
  • Stevan Hristic composer
  • Ivan Ivanisevic chess grandmaster
  • Olja Ivanjicki artist
  • Zoran Janjetov comics artist, illustrator
  • Bozidar Jankovic commander Serbian third army
  • Mihailo Jankovic architect
  • Olga Jevric sculptor
  • Zeljko Joksimovic singer, songwriter
  • Jelena Jankovic tennis player
  • Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic linguist
  • Marija Karan actress
  • Jelena Karleusa singer, fashion designer
  • Branislav Kerac comic book creator
  • Stevan Knezevic painter, sculptor, printmaker
  • Sonja Kolacaric actress
  • Laza Kostic poet, writer, lawyer, philosopher
  • Vojislav Kostunica former prime minister
  • Aleksandra Kovac singer, songwriter
  • Kornelije Kovac composer
  • Marko Kovac film director
  • Sinisa Kovacevic author
  • Vasilije Krestic historian
  • Petar Krstic composer, conductor
  • Milan Kurepa atomic physicist


  • Miroljub Labus economist, politician
  • Ivan V. Lalic poet
  • Slobodan Lalovic politician
  • Laza Lazarevic writer, psychiatrist, neurologist
  • Stefan Lazarevic former despot, writer
  • Dimitrije T. Leko architect, urbanist
  • Marko Leko scientist, chemist
  • Dimitrije Ljotic politician
  • Nikola Ljubicic army general, politician
  • Zoran Loncar politician
  • Sima Lozanic chemist
  • Desanka Maksimovic poet
  • Nada Mamula singer
  • Miki Manojlovic actor
  • Ljubica Maric composer
  • Mihailo Markovic philosopher
  • Predrag Markovic politician, author, historian
  • Svetozar Markovic political activist, literary critic
  • Draga Masin former queen consort
  • Natasa Micic politician
  • Draza Mihailovic army general
  • Stevca Mihailovic former prime minister
  • Dejan Mihajlov politician
  • Nikola Mijailovic opera singer
  • Stefan Milenkovic violinist
  • Predrag Miletic actor, opera singer
  • Milos Milojevic lawyer, historian
  • Milos Milos actor
  • Mladen Milovanovic former prime minister
  • Milos Minic politician
  • Dragana Mirkovic singer
  • Zivojin Misic military commander
  • Milorad Miskovic ballet dancer, choreographer
  • Dragoslav Mitrinovic mathematician
  • Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac composer, conductor
  • Lukijan Musicki poet, writer
  • Mutimir of Serbia former prince
  • Radomir Naumov politician
  • Ljubomir Nedic writer, philosopher, literary critic
  • Milan Nedic army general, politician
  • Svetomir Nikolajevic writer, politician
  • Dragan Nikolic actor
  • Tomislav Nikolic politician
  • Momcilo Nincic politician, economist
  • Oliver Njego opera singer
  • Anna Novakov art historian, curator
  • Aleksandar Novakovic writer
  • Stojan Novakovic former prime minister, historian

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Serbia Trivia

What is a Puppet Government?

A "puppet state" is a government that has little will of its own, as it needs financial backing or military support. Thus, it acts an a subordinate to another power in exchange for its own survival. The puppet government still holds its own facade of an identity, perpetuated by retaining its own flag, name, national anthem, law, and constitution. However, these type of governments are not considered as legitimate according to international law.

What Is A Puppet Government?

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