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Famous Romanians

Romania's Information

Flag of Romania
Land Area 229,891 km2
Water Area 8,500 km2
Total Area 238,391km2 (#81)
Population 21,599,736 (#57)
Population Density 93.96/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $441.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $22,300
Currency Leu (RON)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Adolf Albin chess player
  • Mircea Albulescu actor
  • Dan Andrei Aldea musician
  • Calin Alupi painter
  • Simona Amanar gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Sergiu Anghel choreographer
  • Grigore Antipa biologist
  • Crin Antonescu politician
  • Ion Antonescu soldier, politician, convicted war criminal
  • Teoctist Arapasu patriarch of Romanian Orthodox Church
  • Ana Aslan biologist, physician
  • Corneliu Baba painter
  • Emanoil Bacaloglu physicist, chemist, mathematician
  • George Bacovia poet
  • Christian Badea conductor
  • Laura Badea-Carlescu fencer, Olympic medalist
  • Alexander Balanescu violinist
  • Iolanda Balas high jumper, Olympic medalist
  • Sabin Balasa painter
  • Nicolae Balcescu soldier, historian, journalist
  • Lucian Ban pianist
  • Oana Ban gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Octav Bancila painter
  • Stefan Banica, Jr. actor
  • Ion Barbu mathematician, poet
  • Traian Basescu president of Romania
  • Gigi Becali politician
  • Ignat Bednarik painter
  • Radu Beligan actor
  • Octavian Belu gymnastics coach
  • Joana Benedek actress
  • Marthe Bibesco writer
  • Monica Birladeanu actress
  • Constantine Brancoveanu prince of Wallachia
  • Constantin Brancusi sculptor
  • Gheorghe I. Bratianu politician, historian
  • Ion Bratianu politician, former prime minister
  • Ion I. C. Bratianu politician, former prime minister
  • Victor Brauner painter
  • Tiberiu Brediceanu composer
  • Marius Bunescu painter
  • George Calinescu historian, novelist, journalist, writer, literary critic
  • Silvia Cambir painter
  • Ioan Cantacuzino physician, bacteriologist
  • Dimitrie Cantemir ruler of Moldova, historian
  • Elie Carafoli engineer, aircraft designer
  • Ion Luca Caragiale playwright, poet, journalist
  • Mateiu Caragiale poet, author
  • Ion Caramitru actor
  • Carol II of Romania king of Romania
  • Mircea Cartarescu poet, author
  • Henri Catargi painter
  • Lascar Catargiu statesman
  • Nicolae Ceausescu last Romanian communist head of state
  • Paul Celan poet, translator
  • Sergiu Celibidache conductor
  • Victor Ciocaltea chess grandmaster
  • Emil Cioran philosopher, essayist
  • Victor Ciorbea politician, former prime minister
  • Alexandru Ciucurencu painter
  • Alexandru Ciurcu inventor, publisher
  • Henri Coanda inventor, aerodynamics pioneer
  • Ioan Mihai Cochinescu novelist, essayist
  • Andrei Codrescu poet, novelist, essayist, screenwriter
  • Alina Cojocaru ballet dancer
  • Nadia Comaneci gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Marin Constantin conductor, composer, musician
  • George Constantinescu scientist, engineer, inventor
  • Corneliu Coposu politician
  • Doina Cornea human rights activist
  • George Cosbuc poet, translator
  • Eugenio Coseriu linguist, author
  • Ileana Cotrubas opera singer
  • Nicu Covaci musician
  • Horia Creanga architect
  • Ion Creanga writer
  • Michael Cretu musician
  • Ion Cristoiu journalist
  • Dimitrie Cuclin classical music composer
  • Ioan P. Culianu historian
  • Alexander John Cuza ruler of Romania
  • Constantin Daicoviciu historian, archaeologist
  • Georgeta Damian rower, Olympic medalist
  • Nichita Danilov poet
  • Nicolae Darascu painter
  • Hariclea Darclee soprano
  • Nicolae Densusianu ethnologist
  • Cristian Diaconescu jurist, politician, diplomat
  • Adrian Diaconu boxer
  • Nicolae Dica footballer
  • Constantin Dimitrescu composer
  • Stefan Dimitrescu painter
  • Mircea Dinescu poet, journalist, editor
  • Gheorghe Dinica actor
  • Grigoras Dinicu violinist, composer
  • Luminita Dinu-Hutupan handball player
  • Neagu Djuvara historian, essayist, philosopher
  • Aurelia Dobre gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Nicolae Dobrin football player
  • Leonard Doroftei boxer, Olympic medalist
  • Iosif Constantin Dragan writer, historian
  • Ruxandra Dragomir tennis player
  • Marian Dragulescu gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Ion G. Duca former prime minister
  • Iancu Dumitrescu composer
  • Petre Dumitrescu Romanian army general
  • Zamfir Dumitrescu painter
  • Alina Alexandra Dumitru judoka, Olympic medalist
E - F
  • Emilia Eberle gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Lazar Edeleanu chemist
  • Mircea Eliade historian, author
  • Mihail Farcasanu diplomat, journalist, writer
  • Eugen Filotti diplomat, journalist, writer
  • Maria Filotti actress
  • Grigore Gafencu politician, diplomat, journalist
  • Mihai Gavrila physicist
  • Mircea Geoana politician
  • Elena Georgescu rower, Olympic medalist
  • George Georgescu conductor
  • Tudor Gheorghe musician, actor, poet

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Romania Trivia

What Continent Is Romania In?

Romania is found in the southeastern portion of the continent of Europe, bordering the Black Sea.

What Continent Is Romania In?

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