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map of Norway
Alesund, Norway

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Alesund, Norway, often called the country's most beautiful city, is laid out across three islands positioned at the entrance to a large fjord.

The city's economic heritage is fishing, and the impressive fishing fleet in the harbor is one of Norway's largest.

With its colorful 18th century wooden buildings, historic churches and museums, and scenery that dazzles the eye, it's easy to see why Alesund is such a popular tourist destination.

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norwegian seafood alesund

A sign seen all around the country of Norway, and rightfully so, as the fishing industry is a huge business.dot

movie theater

Believe it, or not, this is the entrance to a movie theater in Alesund, Norway. The screens are two floors below street level.


I spotted this on a wall along a narrow street in the city center; I have no idea what it's for.


Johan Lausen Bull is an Alesund legend from the 18th century.

alesund rooftops
From an elevated perch in the hills above the city center on a cloudy day, this is a look at the rooftops of Alesund.
hilly street alesund norway
Alesund, like many Norwegian cities is quite hilly, and the local streets here remind me of San Francisco, California or Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
harbor sailboats alesund
Alesund has one of the most attractive harbors and series of small canals in all of Norway, and this is a typical view on water's edge.
flowers in alesund
Norwegians love their flowers and one of the lasting impressions of Norway, at least for me, are the beautiful flowers that bloom all summer and early fall.
harbor buildings in alesund

A small group of canal buildings in Alesund, Norway; note the classic sailboat center left.

reflections in alesund

Building reflections along the Brosundet Canal in Alesund.

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