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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B
  • Gerry Adams politician, peacekeeper
  • Gerry Anderson radio broadcaster
  • Thomas Andrews shipbuilder (Titanic)
  • Iain Archer singer, songwriter
  • Colin Bateman author
  • David Bates physicist
  • Derek Bell harpist, composer
  • John Stewart Bell quantum physicist
  • George Best football player
  • Basil Blackshaw artist
  • Christine Louise Bleakley television presenter
  • Stephen Boyd actor
  • Paul Brady musician, songwriter
  • Kenneth Branagh actor, film director
  • Patrick Brontë author
  • William Burke serial killer, grave robber
  • Jocelyn Bell Burnell astrophysicist, discovered pulsars
  • Amanda Burton actress
C - D
  • Vivian Campbell guitarist
  • Amy Carmichael missionary
  • William Reid Clanny inventor safety lamp for miners
  • Darren Clarke golfer
  • Phil Coulter songwriter, music producer
  • Nadine Coyle singer
  • Patricia Craig author
  • Fred Daly golfer
  • Willie Doherty photographer
  • Barry Douglas pianist, conductor
  • Roma Downey actress
  • Adrian Dunbar actor
  • John Dunlap printer first u.s. declaration of independence
  • Joey Dunlop motorcycle racer
E - G
  • Timothy Eaton founder Eaton's department store in Canada
  • Garth Ennis comic writer
  • Angela Feeney opera singer
  • Harry Ferguson inventor (modern agricultural tractor)
  • Samuel Ferguson poet
  • Brian Friel playwright
  • Bronagh Gallagher actress
  • Sir James Galway flutist
  • Harry Gregg football player
H -J
  • Hamilton Harty conductor, composer
  • David Healy footballer
  • Seamus Heaney poet
  • Paul Henry artist
  • John Hewitt poet
  • Alex "Hurricane" Higgins snooker player
  • Jack Higgins author
  • Eddie Irvine race car driver
  • Pat Jennings football player
  • Francis Johnston architect
  • Marie Jones playwright
K - L
  • Brian Kennedy singer, songwriter
  • James (Jimmy) Kennedy songwriter
  • Sir Joseph Larmor physicist, mathematician
  • Sir John Lavery artist
  • Maurice Leitch author
  • C S Lewis author
  • Josef Locke tenor
  • Michael Longley poet
  • Martin Lynch playwright
  • Susan Lynch actress
  • Bernard MacLaverty author
  • Louis MacNeice poet
  • Patrick Magee actor
  • Deepa Mann-Kler artist
  • Sir James Martin inventor airplane ejector seat
  • Robert Blair "Paddy" Mayne soldier, explorer
  • Willie John McBride rugby player
  • Eamonn McCann journalist, author, activist
  • Mickey McConnell songwriter
  • Anthony Peter "A.P." McCoy jockey
  • Rory McIlroy golfer
  • Gerard McKeown poet
  • Ciarán McMenamin actor
  • F. E. McWilliam sculptor
  • Brian Moore author
  • Gary Moore musician
  • Van Morrison musician
  • Paul Muldoon poet
  • Ruby Murray singer
N - Q
  • Liam Neeson actor
  • Sam Neill actor
  • James Nesbitt actor
  • Andrew Nicoll artist
  • Martin O'Neill football player
  • Ian Paisley politician, evangelist
  • Frank Pantridge inventor portable defibrillator
  • Glenn Patterson author
  • Mary Peters athlete, Olympic medalist (born in England)
  • Sir Henry Pottinger soldier, governor of hong kong
  • Eoghan Quigg singer, actor
R - Y
  • Stephen Rea actor
  • Forrest Reid author, critic
  • Markey Robinson artist
  • Bobby Sands writer
  • Paul Seawright photographer
  • Feargal Sharkey singer
  • Victor Sloan photographer, artist
  • Sir Hans Sloane physician, art collector
  • Snow Patrol music group (founded in Scotland)
  • Michael Stone loyalist paramilitary (born in England)
  • Dennis Taylor snooker player, commentator
  • William Thomson (1st Baron Kelvin) physicist, engineer
  • Alexander Walker film critic, author
  • Robert "Roy" Walker television host, comedian
  • Leila Webster singer, actress
  • Norman Whiteside football player
  • Oscar Wilde playwright, poet, author
  • Ian Wilson composer
  • John Butler Yeats artist
  • James Young comedian

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