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Zaanse Schans Photos

Zaanse Schans is a small village just twenty minutes north of Amsterdam by train. 

It's known for its trademark green wooden houses, hump-backed bridges, a wooden shoe museum and windmills. 

Only a few of the windmills, once scattered by the hundreds across the Zaanstreek region of the Netherlands remain. They've been relocated here for historical preservation, and not only are the windmills authentic, they are still operational. 

The village of Zaanse Schans is replete with charm, as you can also tour a wooden shoe (clog) museum and manufacturing business, take a short boat tour on the River Zaan and shop for colorful Dutch souvenirs and jewelry. 

If you ever travel to Amsterdam, we recommend a visit. 

Wooden Shoes

In the village I saw numerous locals wearing wooden shoes, and later learned that they can be quite comfortable if the fit is right. 

The Dog

This little guy was very curious about me and my camera, as he watched me for the longest time. 


The village of Zaanse Schans is literally surrounded by fields of cows and sheep. This ram was sharpening his horns on a fence. 

A Pink Hydrangea

Flowers are everywhere in the village of Zaanse Schans.

De Kat

This is "De Kat," the most famous of the windmills in the Zaansstreek region of the Netherlands. You can actually tour the inside of this working windmill. 

One of the Windmills

This is an unidentified ploder windmill, and without doubt, windmills are the most recognizable Dutch landmark. 

Another Windmill

This is the windmill named "De Huisman" in the charming Dutch village of Zaanse Schans. 

The Entrance

This is the colorful entrance into the local wooden shoe workshop. Inside you can watch shoes being made, as well as buy your share to take home.

Hump-backed Bridge

Many of the houses in the village are surrounded by water so they're accessed by a hump-backed bridge. 

Most are Green

The trademark green color of buildings in the village. 

Wooden Shoes

These clogs were created by machine, with some human touch required. Soon they will be painted in a wide variety of ways and sold to tourists as souvenirs. 

flower market

Shoes for Sale

Literally thousands of shoes are for sale in the shop, and it's all but impossible not to take at least one pair home. They come in all sizes, with some as small as your thumb.

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