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Famous Montenegrins

Montenegro's Information

Flag of Montenegro
Land Area 13,452 km2
Water Area 360 km2
Total Area 13,812km2 (#156)
Population 644,578 (#166)
Population Density 47.92/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $10.61 Billion
GDP Per Capita $17,000
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Danijel Alibabic singer, songwriter
  • Rambo Amadeus singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • Zivko Andrijasevic historian, author
  • Branko Babovic actor
  • Slobodan Backovic politician, nuclear physicist
  • Tanja Bakic poet, author, translator
  • Petar Banicevic actor
  • Bojan Bazelli cinematographer
  • Aleksandar Becanovic poet, translator, critic
  • Gojko Berkuljan artist
  • Zarko Bulajic former president
  • Dragisa Burzan politician
C - D
  • Momcilo Cemovic former president
  • Sergej Cetkovic singer
  • Miodrag Djuric (Dado) artist
  • Danilo I Prince of Montenegro
  • Andrea Demirovic singer
  • Sanja Dordevoc singer
  • Boris Dragojevic artist
  • Sekula Drljevic politician, lawyer, author
  • Predrag Drobnjak basketball player
  • Milo Dukanovic former prime minister
  • Veselin Duranovic former prime minister
  • Dragoljub Duricic musician
  • Mimi Durovic fashion designer
F - J
  • Stevan Faddy singer
  • Stefan Filipovic singer
  • Anto Gvozdenovic general, former prime minister
  • Jovan Ivanisevic composer
  • Bozina Ivanovic anthropologist, former president
  • Ekrem Jevric singer, musician
  • Blazo Jovanovic politician
  • Stevan Jovetic footballer
K - L
  • Nebojsa Kaluderovic politician, diplomat
  • Petar Kapisoda handball player
  • Mima Karadzic actor, producer
  • Radoje Kontic politician, technologist
  • Slavko Labovic actor
  • Mina Lalicic singer
  • Petar Lubarda artist
  • Igo Luksic prime minister
  • Bojan Marovic actor, singer
  • Ratimir Martinovic pianist
  • Mario Maskareli artist
  • Predrag Mijatovic footballer
  • Marko Miljanov Kuci clan warrior, author
  • Miljan Milosevic actor
  • Zeljko Milovic author, poet, journalist, publicist
  • Milo Milunovic artist
  • Alen Muratovic handball player

N - P

  • Peko Nikcevic sculptor
  • Vojislav Nikcevic linguist
  • Zivko Nikolic film director
  • Marko Orlandic politician, former president
  • Nina Petkovic musician, television personality
  • Petar II Petrovic-Njegos priest, poet, playwright
  • Dado Polumenta singer, songwriter
  • Sako Polumenta singer
  • Dimitrije Popovic painter, sculptor, art critic, philosopher
  • Vladimir Popovic diplomat, revolutionary, politician
  • Andrija Radulovic poet
  • Rifat Rastoder politician, author, journalist
  • Serbo Rastoder historian
  • Milan Rocen politician
  • Refik Sabanadzovic footballer
  • Dejan Savicevic footballer
  • Vlado Scepanovic basketball player
  • Miladin Sobic singer, songwriter
  • Zeljko Sosic film director
  • Vojo Stanic artist, sculptor
  • Zeljko Sturanovic former prime minister
U - Z
  • Velijko Uskokovic water polo player, Olympic medalist
  • Zdravko Velimirovic film director, screenwriter
  • Miodrag Vlahovic former president
  • Filip Vucic singer
  • Mirko Vucinic footballer
  • Nikola Vukcevic film director
  • Simon Vukcevic footballer
  • Dubravka Vukotic actress
  • Sabrija Vulic singer
  • Radovan Zogovic poet

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