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Famous Moldovans

Moldova's Information

Flag of Moldova
Land Area 32,891 km2
Water Area 960 km2
Total Area 33,851km2 (#135)
Population 3,510,485 (#133)
Population Density 106.73/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $18.54 Billion
GDP Per Capita $5,200
Currency Leu (MDL)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B

  • Ion Aldea-Teodorovici singer, composer
  • Alternosfera music group
  • Dan Balan singer, songwriter
  • Natalia Barbu singer
  • Lev Semyonovich Berg geographer, ichthyologist
  • Maria Biesu opera singer
  • Olga Bolsova high jumper
  • Dumitru Braghis former prime minister
C - F
  • Maria Cebotari opera singer
  • Eugen Coca composer
  • Alexandru Donici poet, translator
  • Nicolae Donici astronomer
  • Ion Druta author
  • Vladimir Filat prime minister
  • Valeriu Gain guitarist, composer
  • Emilian Galaicu-Peacock poet, translator
  • Andrei Gamart artist
  • Sergiu Ganenco sculptor
  • Mihai Ghimpu former acting president
  • Valeri Glava violinist
  • Vitalie Grusac boxer, Olympic medalist
  • Victor Guzun politician, diplomat, ambassador
H - L
  • Ion Hadarca politician
  • Oleg Hohlov kickboxer
  • Fedor Kassapu weightlifter, Olympic medalist
  • Natalia Levtchenkova skier
  • Petru Lucinschi former president
  • Marian Lupu politician
  • Arkady Luxemburg composer
M - O
  • Radu Marian opera singer
  • Dumitru Matcovschi poet
  • Alexei Mateevici poet
  • Alexandru Mosanu politician, historian
  • Stefan Neaga composer
  • Andrei Negura artist
  • Noroc music group
  • O-Zone music group
  • Alexander Paley pianist
  • Stefan Petrache musician
  • Mihai Petric artist
  • Alexandru Plamadeala sculptor
  • Iurie Platon sculptor
  • Mircea Puscas sculptor
  • Sergiu Radautan physicist
  • Iurie Rosca politician
  • Anton Rubinstein composer, conductor, pianist
  • Alecu Russo author, literary critic
  • Nickolay Sclifosovsky surgeon, physiologist
  • Oleg Serebrian political scientist, politician, diplomat
  • Alexey Shchusev architect
  • Radu Sirbu singer
  • Mircea Snegur first president of Moldova
  • Constantin Stamati author, translator
  • Gabriel Stati activist
  • Michael Statny artist
  • Constantin Stere jurist, author
  • Pavel Stratan singer
  • Efim Tarlapan poet
  • Vasile Tarlev former prime minister
  • Victor Teleuca poet
  • Nicolae Testemitanu surgeon, scientist
  • Arsenie Todiras "Arsenium" singer
T - Z
  • Stepan Topal politician
  • Trigon music group
  • Serafim Urechean former prime minister
  • Spiridon Vangheli author
  • Vasile Vasilache author
  • Dohotaru Vasile artist
  • Grigore Vieru poet
  • Vladimir Voronin former president
  • Zdob si Zdub music group
  • Nikolay Dimitrievich Zelinsky chemist

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