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Reykjavik, Iceland

Positioned on the southeastern edge of Iceland, Reykjavik is the planet's northernmost capital of a sovereign state, and the heart of Iceland's economic and governmental activity.

Reykjavik (a young capital city) is very different from the other Nordic capitals as it lacks the traditional European grand buildings and the picturesque old quarters.

However, the city is bursting with color and culture, no matter what time of year one visits. In the summer months, the sun hardly goes down; everything comes alive and people enjoy staying out late. In the fall and winter the city takes on a romantic ambiance with the spectacular Northern Lights on display.

hot dog in reykjavik

This type of sign in Reykjavik, Iceland is very common, as hotdogs are a popular treat for locals and visitors alike.


According to my wife this statue in Reykjavik verifies her feelings that "A woman's work is never done, from morning light to setting sun." I have to agree.

cozy house reykjavik
One of the charms of Reykjavik are the neighborhoods with their comfortable-looking homes; most are brightly painted and surrounded by plants and trees of all description.
city house
Many of the streets in Reykjavik are steep, much like Lisbon and San Francisco. On one of those streets there must have been dozens of homes just like this one; small but cute.
tea and coffee in reykjavikl
For tea and coffee in Reykjavik, Iceland, one would go to the Te and Kaffi shop; seems perfectly understandable to me.
flowers on a porch reykjavik
I couldn't help but notice the preponderance of flowers in Reykjavik as they are everywhere.
tshirt reykjavik
Some of the words in the Icelandic language are a bit difficult to pronounce, and this is one.

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